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Street Foods In Madrid: 8 Munchies That Are Popular In The Spanish Capital

Madrid, the capital and the largest city of Spain. It is also the third largest city in European Union. Madrid is a city known for its rich cultural and artistic heritage. The vibe of this city is magical and nightlife is something that you can afford to miss! The climate of Madrid is equable and joyous. The culture of this place has an influence of its magnificent Spanish Empire. Madrid is full of places which has historic monuments and building that were used by the Spanish monarchy. Also football is another reason for the massive craze among the people for this beautiful city Madrid. But above everything else, heavenly local cuisine and the street food in Madrid is something you must try for sure.

Madrid is famous mainly for two reasons which are food and football. This city is full of amazing cafes and restaurants that provide some amazing delightful street food from every corner of the globe! No trip to Madrid is complete without tasting the various food delicacies served on the street vendors and cafes of Madrid and that too at a very affordable price. So whenever you plan to visit Madrid, make sure that you dig in to some of this mouth watering local food delocalized and has the time of your life! Now here is a list of some of the local food items which you must try whenever you are in Madrid.

1. Cocido Madrileño


This is a famous pork dish that you will find in every corner of Madrid. The heart of the local cuisine of Madrid lies in this dish. This simmering pork dish has a smell that will leave a long lasting impression on you. This dish also contains some leafy vegetables, chickpeas and chorizo sausage. As the pork stew starts to waft in the neighboring area, you simply can’t hold ourselves back from trying this delicious mouth watering food. This dish is cooked for four hours so that all the spices and ingredients get mixed well and create a vigorous flavor that increases your craving ten times more. Out of so many dishes this is the most recommended and favourite among the locals of this place.

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2. Pincho de Tortilla

Pincho de Tortilla

Tortillas are the signature dish of Spain and a staple cuisine. But if you are bored after eating the regular tortillas then Madrid has got it covered for you. In this city you will find a lot of experiments done with tortillas in which the local chefs bring out the best of their creativity. Pincho de Tortilla is a result on one such successful attempt and you can’t thank God enough for it! This is one of those typical Spanish foods that you can find on every restaurant’s menu. Tortillas come in wide variety. Some tortillas are presented eighth piles of eggs and potato that you can have with bread while other being fancier are served with caramelized onions, mushrooms and sausages! While most tortillas are served in regular square shapes, Pincho de Tortilla is served in a larger slice which is quite appetizing and fulfilling at the same time.

3. Callos a la Madrileña

Callos a la Madrileña

This food is mainly served during winters and if you eat is once it can leave you tempted for days. You simply can try it once and forget about because it so delicious! Served in a clay platter, this mouth watering dish also features stripes of beef trips, chunks of chorizo and some morcilla to add to the delight. Callos is as old as the 16th century .This smoky dish has ruled the restaurants and bars of Madrid for over a century now and is one of the most favourite dishes among the locals. Make sure that you try this delectable food item.

4. Huevos Rotos

Huevos Rotos

If you are a lover of the traditional Spanish cuisines or want to give it shot then Huevos Rotos is the best option for you. Nothing reflects the traditional food delicacies of Spain as Huevos Rotos does! This “oh so popular” Spanish dish is served in a plate full of potatoes which are deep fried in olive oil and given a tint of sea salt to add more to its delight. This dish is all about juicy meat and fresh potatoes. Also crusty bread is served along with this to add an extra edge to this delightful food delicacy.

5. Oreja a la Plancha


This is popular dish among the Spanish people and one of the boldest dishes among the tourists. It is basically a pig ear served in the most delightful way. Usually eaten with toothpicks, this Spanish dish is served with sprinkled salt and paprika and freshly squeezed lemon by the side. Although it is a complete dish in itself, at some places it is also served with some bacon and mushroom as well!

6. Churros con Chocolate

Churros con Chocolate

Now for all the chocolate lovers who want to know what heaven feels like try this authentic chocolate dish that will leave in awe for days. This dish basically comprises of crispy Churros served with a steaming hot chocolate and is served mostly during the morning or afternoon hours. It is more of a snack than a complete dish and you can easily enjoy this staple food at the afterhours of nightlife in Madrid. It is one of the most popular dishes in the Madrid fiestas and you simply can’t get over the taste of it once you try it!

7. Bocadillo de Calamares

Bocadillo de Calamares

This is yet another popular winter food that you can find in every corner of Madrid. This is a typical fried squid sandwich and also the most famous sandwich in the city. It is basically crusty fresh bread overloaded with deep fries squid rings served along with tomato or paprika pure and garlic mayonnaise. You can also have some cold beer by your side to add even more delight to your taste!

8. Chinese bao buns

Chinese bao buns

To have one of a kind of appetizing experience go for Chinese bao buns. This is a top quality of meat dish. This dish comprises of fresh juicy meat of chicken and beef and is topped with broth of vegetables and spicy and tangy sauces to taste. The rich Spanish flavors of this dish are quite tempting and fulfilling.

Madrid is a place which is not only famous for its urban lifestyle but also for its appetizing cuisines. The street food of Madrid has a unique blend of flavors that is quite appreciable. They reflect the traditional culture of Spain through the spices and other ingredients that they use while preparing these local cuisines. So plan a trip to Madrid and make sure that you taste the street foods of Madrid and add a delight to your taste!

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