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Street Foods In Madrid: 8 Munchies That Are Popular In The Spanish Capital

Madrid, the capital and the largest city of Spain. It is also the third largest city in European Union. Madrid is a city known for its rich cultural and artistic heritage. The vibe of this city is magical and nightlife is something that you can afford to miss! The climate of Madrid is equable and joyous. The culture of this place has an influence of its magnificent Spanish Empire. Madrid is full of places which has historic monuments and building that were used by the Spanish monarchy. Also football is another reason for the massive craze among the people for this beautiful city Madrid. But above everything else, heavenly local cuisine and the street food in Madrid is something you must try for sure.

Madrid is famous mainly for two reasons which are food and football. This city is full of amazing cafes and restaurants that provide some amazing delightful street food from every corner of the globe! No trip to Madrid is complete without tasting the various food delicacies served on the street vendors and cafes of Madrid and that too at a very affordable price. So whenever you plan to visit Madrid, make sure that you dig in to some of this mouth watering local food delocalized and has the time of your life! Now here is a list of some of the local food items which you must try whenever you are in Madrid.

1. Cocido Madrileño


This is a famous pork dish that you will find in every corner of Madrid. The heart of the local cuisine of Madrid lies in this dish. This simmering pork dish has a smell that will leave a long lasting impression on you. This dish also contains some leafy vegetables, chickpeas and chorizo sausage. As the pork stew starts to waft in the neighboring area, you simply can’t hold ourselves back from trying this delicious mouth watering food. This dish is cooked for four hours so that all the spices and ingredients get mixed well and create a vigorous flavor that increases your craving ten times more. Out of so many dishes this is the most recommended and favourite among the locals of this place.

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2. Pincho de Tortilla

Pincho de Tortilla

Tortillas are the signature dish of Spain and a staple cuisine. But if you are bored after eating the regular tortillas then Madrid has got it covered for you. In this city you will find a lot of experiments done with tortillas in which the local chefs bring out the best of their creativity. Pincho de Tortilla is a result on one such successful attempt and you can’t thank God enough for it! This is one of those typical Spanish foods that you can find on every restaurant’s menu. Tortillas come in wide variety. Some tortillas are presented eighth piles of eggs and potato that you can have with bread while other being fancier are served with caramelized onions, mushrooms and sausages! While most tortillas are served in regular square shapes, Pincho de Tortilla is served in a larger slice which is quite appetizing and fulfilling at the same time.

3. Callos a la Madrileña

Callos a la Madrileña

This food is mainly served during winters and if you eat is once it can leave you tempted for days. You simply can try it once and forget about because it so delicious! Served in a clay platter, this mouth watering dish also features stripes of beef trips, chunks of chorizo and some morcilla to add to the delight. Callos is as old as the 16th century .This smoky dish has ruled the restaurants and bars of Madrid for over a century now and is one of the most favourite dishes among the locals. Make sure that you try this delectable food item.

4. Huevos Rotos

Huevos Rotos

If you are a lover of the traditional Spanish cuisines or want to give it shot then Huevos Rotos is the best option for you. Nothing reflects the traditional food delicacies of Spain as Huevos Rotos does! This “oh so popular” Spanish dish is served in a plate full of potatoes which are deep fried in olive oil and given a tint of sea salt to add more to its delight. This dish is all about juicy meat and fresh potatoes. Also crusty bread is served along with this to add an extra edge to this delightful food delicacy.

5. Oreja a la Plancha


This is popular dish among the Spanish people and one of the boldest dishes among the tourists. It is basically a pig ear served in the most delightful way. Usually eaten with toothpicks, this Spanish dish is served with sprinkled salt and paprika and freshly squeezed lemon by the side. Although it is a complete dish in itself, at some places it is also served with some bacon and mushroom as well!

6. Churros con Chocolate

Churros con Chocolate

Now for all the chocolate lovers who want to know what heaven feels like try this authentic chocolate dish that will leave in awe for days. This dish basically comprises of crispy Churros served with a steaming hot chocolate and is served mostly during the morning or afternoon hours. It is more of a snack than a complete dish and you can easily enjoy this staple food at the afterhours of nightlife in Madrid. It is one of the most popular dishes in the Madrid fiestas and you simply can’t get over the taste of it once you try it!

7. Bocadillo de Calamares

Bocadillo de Calamares

This is yet another popular winter food that you can find in every corner of Madrid. This is a typical fried squid sandwich and also the most famous sandwich in the city. It is basically crusty fresh bread overloaded with deep fries squid rings served along with tomato or paprika pure and garlic mayonnaise. You can also have some cold beer by your side to add even more delight to your taste!

8. Chinese bao buns

Chinese bao buns

To have one of a kind of appetizing experience go for Chinese bao buns. This is a top quality of meat dish. This dish comprises of fresh juicy meat of chicken and beef and is topped with broth of vegetables and spicy and tangy sauces to taste. The rich Spanish flavors of this dish are quite tempting and fulfilling.

Madrid is a place which is not only famous for its urban lifestyle but also for its appetizing cuisines. The street food of Madrid has a unique blend of flavors that is quite appreciable. They reflect the traditional culture of Spain through the spices and other ingredients that they use while preparing these local cuisines. So plan a trip to Madrid and make sure that you taste the street foods of Madrid and add a delight to your taste!

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10 Top New Jersey Cafes Where You Can Chill & Bond Over Lip-Smacking Cuisines

The city of New Jersey is widely known around the globe for its gardens and various attractions which keep the tourists on the go. New Jersey is rich in history and culture. In fact, during your visit there, you will come across an assortment of real, fresh food that not only just tastes amazing but they have a strong connection to the local culture as well. There is so much to do in the town such as skiing, biking, swimming, trekking, and many more such activities that it can get really exhausting. So, you can enjoy the tasty food and can get relaxed with the calm atmosphere of the cafes. In fact, tourists here tend to satisfy their cravings and try new cuisines from the top listed cafes in New Jersey.

However, with so many eateries to choose from, it becomes a little hard to get to the best café in the town. Well, to make your journey comfortable and relaxing, we have got you the amazing list of top 10 cafes in New Jersey!

These are some of the New Jersey cafes where you can dine, chat, and create new memories for a lifetime. From a stunning ambience to lip-smacking food, they have got it all for you.

1. Magic Brain Café

specialty café beverage

You can enjoy and experience a specialty café beverage which is just one block near the beach in the nation’s oldest seaside resort. The café will be available for you from 7 am to 10 pm to offer you the best opportunity and gives you the best drink of your choice. There is the best opportunity for you to try out a yoga class on the upstairs at Cape May yoga where you can acquire a 20% discount on the café purchase. There are a nice atmosphere and attractive art photography at upstairs. In this cafe, espresso drinks look stunning. Brain café is one of the top New Jersey cafes.

Location: 1485, 31 Perry St, Cape May, NJ 08204, United States
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

Website | Reviews

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2. OC Surf Café

Café front view

When you have never surfed in a wave you will feel amazing at OC surf café when a friendly staffer addresses you at the door and leads you to the cafe. The décor in the café is very amazing with colorful walls, art galleries and even having multi colored mugs for serving coffee and this café provides the best coffee you have ever tasted. Even there are surfboards hanging on the walls and beach boys singing over there and surf videos will be played on the screen in the café. The café has added some innovative and fresh ideas to attract you.

Location: 715 E 8th St, Ocean City, NJ 08226, USA
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

Website | Reviews

3. Key West Café

Delicious food

Key West café is one among the best cafes in New Jersey. The café offers the best food with delicious taste and good quality. The staff in the café is very friendly and gives you the best welcome wishes at your visit; here the cream stuffed French toast with fresh fruits is just awesome in the taste. You can acquire food very quickly and the café looks very efficient. There will be a heavy crowd for breakfast every day. They provide excellent portions of food and a large menu with the waiters who are friendly and serve the best.

Location: 4701 Pacific Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260, USA
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

Website | Reviews

4. Shea’s Café and Bakery

Table and chair in cafe

Shea’s café and bakery baked goods are certain to please every appetite as the café received positive attention from top ratings. There are toys and tykes at this bakery for the kids to enjoy some time here. If you want to eat something then order some tasty food from this bakery. It’s best to avoid parallel parking as the café offers free parking. Place your bike safely at one of the main bike racks near Sheas café and bakery. They perform their goal to offer the food that is tasty and affordable.

Location: 626 S New York Rd, Galloway, NJ 08205, USA
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5


5. Jon & Patty’s Coffee Bar & Bistro

Coffee Bar & Bistro

Jon and Patty started this cafe and their recipes were created in their house. They wish to serve the customer with the food in the same way they do at their house. Breakfast will be available from 7.30 am to 11.30 am and lunch will be available from 11.30 am to 2.00 pm. Dinner will be available only from Wednesday to Saturday from 5.00 pm. This is a homey convenient café for best coffee drinks, breakfast, sandwiches, and seafood. This will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Location: 637 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226, USA
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

Website | Reviews

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6. Coffee Tyme

famous cafe for Coffee

This café is one of the famous cafes in New Jersey. The food they prepare will be very delicious. They have a decent amount of varieties of flavors and coffee choices. It is voted as best Coffee of Cape May in 2015 and in 2016 by Cape May Magazine. They provide fresh baked foods and locally roasted coffee. Here the flavored coffees will be delicious.

Location: 315 Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204, USA
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5


7. Perry’s Café and Deli

Cafe view from inside

This café is a family owned and operated business that has been offering people with delicious meals and was opened in 1988. They are favored for both locals and tourists. The food they offer is with the best quality and with reasonable prices in the warm and calm atmosphere. The ingredients they use will be with a fresh condition, they even provide lunch and breakfast specials daily. Free parking is provided near the cafe. The café will be operated from 7 am to 4 pm.

Location: 1339 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, USA
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

Website | Reviews

8. Yanni’s Café

Yanni's Café

Everyone frequently visits this café as they offer the best services to the people. The food here will be delicious and fresh and even there are numerous healthy options. They have a great breakfast menu; the owner of the café will be very friendly in the same way as the staff. Make sure that you should purchase an olive oil bottle to take home and this cafe is highly recommended by every visitor.

Location: 841 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226-3611
TripAdvisor rating: 4/5

Website | Reviews

9. Jammin Crepes

best local cafes in New Jersey

Jammin Crepes is one of the best local cafes in New Jersey; they have started the business in 2011 in the train parking station. Their intention is to cook hot and fresh crepes. This café will be often crowded at breakfast and brunch times and the staff there will do the work in the best way of taking orders and making the people seated in a quick way. They serve sweet and savory crepes and they follow a good system for seating. You can take the food and even can eat outside where the atmosphere is much refreshing than inside. They change the menu for each season and will bring up with new varieties of dishes.

Location: 20 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ 08542, USA
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

Website | Reviews

10. The Jellyfish Café

The Jellyfish Café

This café is a casual family style restaurant which serves Italian American Cuisine. The owners are the former of Triangle restaurant in North Wildwood, and they are in this business from 30 years. They offer food of high quality, fresh, homemade food in a restful atmosphere. This café place is such an astonishing hidden gem in Café May. This is a great breakfast joint to stop by for reasonable prices, large portions and with good service. This cafe provides a great family place to spend and have the best quality food.

Location: 5911 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260, USA
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5

Website | Reviews

If you are looking for a kick then what’s better than sipping a cup of strong coffee? Well, the local cafes in New Jersey’s Cafes have the expertise to take care of the craving that you have acquired during the travel. New Jersey has a lot more to offer you from food to adventure, from amazing nightlife to great cafes. So, do not forget to customize your USA trip itinerary with TravelTriangle and keep enough time for exploring this beautiful city!

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15 Cafes In Washington DC You Must Visit To Refresh Yourself During The Trip

Since Washington DC is a big city in US and is the capital of politics and business, people here are highly busy in their work and in the course of this busy schedule, they need a break where they can relax their mind. This is why, there are many amazing cafes in Washington DC that cater to the needs of tourists and locals alike.

The beverages served in each cafe relaxe the mind and are re-energize the drinker effectively. Whether you want to have an early morning coffee or are craving something savory in the midnight, Cafes in Washington DC are open for you.

It is easy to spot cafes in every lane but still to make your planning easier, we have curated a list of the best cafes in Washington DC that you must try out in your next visit!

1. Sospeso


Translated from Neapolitan practice which means Suspended Coffees, Sospeso is located on H Street and is the coolest looking cafe in Washington DC. The cafe comprises of bright and airy interior with light birch tables and casement windows overlooking the busy streets.

Although, the menu here is quite standard, but there are some good surprises waiting for you. Do try out their Shakerto, a shaken blend of espresso, syrup, and ice. Then for brunch lovers, the cafe offers some really good options to choose. Don’t miss the Turkish breakfast- often, soft-boiled egg, labneh, hummus, and other items included. This cafe is surely to try out if you are nearby. Not so high on budget, but great delicacies to try out.

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2. Grace Street Coffee

Grace Street Coffee

Located in Georgetown, Washington DC, Grace Street is known for high-quality sourced beans roasted on-site, making up the base of drinks like pour-overs and siphon cold brews. They serve the best Barista Coffee who are known for their craft and offer the best beverage. Moreover, their pastries are quite amazing to try out.

Whether you are going for a hangout or just to sip a coffee in the evening, Grace Street Coffee is worth to visit. They have an entire blackboard filled with sandwiches of different city names including Madrid made up of chorizo and chimichurri. Similarly, Beirut having steak, hummus, and brined vegetables really taste well.

3. Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee

There is a great background behind Compass Coffee. Two former Marines who bonded over not-third-wave coffee during the deployment in Afghanistan, really loved the coffee they had. As they returned home, the both decided to channel appreciation of having a great coffee of the shop. Compass had opened its second outlet in The Shay years back and is planning to open for spacious new cafe in Ivy City.

Compass Coffee team travels globally to choose the best beans from small farms to create great coffee. They have a great collection of bean coffee including the nine carefully crafted blends and with drink menu including Nutella Latte and mint cold brew.

The best part of the entire menu is the Kolaches that is widely ordered. If you are true coffee lover, then Compass Coffee is the one to go for.

4. Baked & Wired


If you are looking for an amazing cupcake along with coffee, then Baked & Wired is for you. This artistic shop is famous for homemade baked goods and is known for serving the famous cupcakes made by them. They got some really good selection of espresso and coffee drinks prepared well from beans from Stumptown, PT’s, Elixir, and places that has good coffee bean business.

If you are in a mood for some cupcakes and want to join with your friends then Baked & Wired is your destination.

5. Dolcezza


Located in Logan Circle, Dolcezza is known for offering the best espresso with gelato flavors. The cafe sources its beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters and offer full roaster of espresso drinks along with single-origin drip or pour-over coffee. Do check the nitro cold brew which is a creamy, nitrogen-infused drink.

6. Chinatown Coffee Co

Chinatown Coffee Co

This is a causal and cheerful coffee shop located in Chinatown. However, if you are really looking for options like delicate pastries and sandwiches, then this is not the place to go for. But the cafe serves the best siphon-brewed Kyoto cold brew with good quantity.

If you visit this cafe in the night, then you will find it turning into mini cocktail bar.

7. Emissary


This Dupont Circle coffee shop is proud of itself and has Swedish vibe. The entire cafe carries brick and cozy couch ambience along with seating nooks giving the best experience to spend time during afternoon lunch and evening snack with friends and colleagues.

They have a special coffee made from Counter Culture beans and espresso drink. Each coffee served here is amazing in all sense. Just sit back and enjoy the best time with your friend and have some amazing delicacies.

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8. Big Bear Cafe

Big Bear Cafe

Located in Bloomingdale, Big Bear Cafe has an amazing ambience with cobblestone patio and trellised grape vines. For office goers who want to sit and do some work while sipping a coffee, then Big Bear Cafe is the place to go for. Here, beans for coffee are sourced from Maryland’s Ceremony Coffee Roasters.

So the best coffee served in one of the best cafe in Washington DC. Also do try out their sandwiches and other items along with coffee.

9. The Cup we all Race 4

The Cup we all Race 4

This is the widely visited coffee shop in DC and is known for Baltimore Chef Spike Gjerde. Here, you can expect some amazing coffee including- Counter Culture coffee, herbal teas and collection of pastries and sandwiches.

Located in Adams Morgan, this is the trendies’ hotel in the town. Don’t miss their Maple Latte which is largely ordered by guests.

10. Little Pearl

Little Pearl

Located in Capitol Hill, Little Pearl is similar to Rose’s Luxury, the coffee shop lives up to the expectations. This small, bright, airy, and filled with golden accents, the cafe attracts chic tourists. Here you will find all types of coffee house classics that can really give you the reason to stay here for long.

Some of the options available are- banana or coconut-nutmeg lattes. There are some non-diary milk options too including- hazelnut and rice milk. Do try their potato donut while sip their amazing coffee.

11. Qualia Coffee

Qualia Coffee

Designed with the neighbor’s comfy living room design, Qualia Coffee is an upscale coffee shop in Petworth. One thing that makes them different from other Washington DC cafes, as there is a no WiFi policy followed on weekends so that guests visiting can enjoy special time together and enjoy with their friends, rather gauging on internet.

Beans for coffee here are roasted on-site and offer at least five different single-origin options each day. On weekends, the cafe witnesses good visitors to taste their menu and coffee options.

12. Maketto


Located in H Street, Maketto is yet another must visit cafe in Washington DC. Owned by Erik Bruner- Yang’s, the café carries minimalist decor giving relaxing experience. This Japanese inspired cafe offers fresh pastries baked in-house by Frenchie’s Bakery.

Their Siphon Bar offers some really cool collection of coffee along with Taiwanese breakfast or lunch.

13. Peregrine Espresso

Peregrine Espresso

Located in Eastern Market, Peregrine Espresso by Ryan Jensen offers classy collection of coffee. The cafe has won plenty of awards in Barista competitions. The cafe sources its coffee beans for espresso from different resources.

They have Java Geeks and private coffee classes limited for only four students.

14. Pineapple and Pearls

Pineapple and Pearls

Run by Aaron Silverman, Pineapple and Pearls is the luxury new cafe located in Capitol Hill and known for offering a wide range of coffee. Open only during the day time from Tuesday to Saturday, the cafe stocks its beans from Parlor Coffee.

The cafe also serves breakfast pastries and savory options for lunchtime. Also, try out their Pistachio and hazelnut milk in espresso drink.

15. Royal


Located in LeDroit Park, the cafe starts at 7am on weekdays and 8am on weekends. You can carry your laptop and sit on the second floor of the cafe to peacefully work. Royal serves all types of breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the day.

Don’t miss their fresh Arepa, a wood-grilled avocado and house-made sausage.

Each of these above-mentioned cafes in Washington DC offer a wide range of coffees and delicacies for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Visit any of these cafes and enjoy some really great time during your trip to Washington DC.

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7 Auckland Beach Resorts To Spend Your Hours Strolling Through The Beachfronts

Auckland is an adventurous and largest city of New Zealand. The nearby beaches of Auckland are the perfect visiting sites where you can spend joyful and peaceful days. The quiet walk in the smell of sea air and sound of swirling waves will make your day awesome. Besides this, your visit can be more joyful if you are staying in Auckland beach resorts and getting direct access to the beautiful sea from your bedroom window. The beach resorts include many amenities like private terrace to watch the sea, air-conditioned rooms and adjacent bars with outdoor pools.

There are a variety of Auckland beach resorts or beachfront accommodations from perfect well decked-out resorts to private home stays and villas. The best beach resorts near Auckland which offer amazing views and a lot of facilities that you want near to sea are described below.

1. Bucklands Beach Waterfront Motel

Bucklands Beach Waterfront Motel

If you genuinely want to take a feel one of the best Auckland beach resorts, Bucklands Beach Waterfront Motel is a great choice. The sea views from this resort are fabulous. From resort’s room, you can enjoy half moon bay and beautiful sight of the beach. It is a beachfront resort. It provides a cosy environment in its room and all accommodation. You can take a walk along the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery or relax your mind. The lovely view of the sunset in the evening will make you relax, and you will feel attached to nature. Many shopping places at Botany Town Centre, Highland Park, Sylvia Park and Howick are nearby this resort. The rooms of this resort are of different sizes, configurations and rates. The good thing is that free Wi-Fi connection is equipped in all rooms. Even they provide direct dial-in phones, flat screen TV, Sky TV channels, hairdryer, en-suite bathrooms and many more facilities which include in the luxury accommodations.

2. Waves Motel

Waves Motel

Situated just a few meters away from the stunning Orewa Beach, Waves motel provides spectacular beach views, outstanding modern amenities and excellent design for visitors and business travellers as well. Waves motel comes among the list of most visiting Auckland new Zealand beach resorts. The resort offers 20 biggest personal units, containing one bathroom unit, studio rooms and a 2-bedroom unit. Waves are located centrally in Orewa and close to Auckland city. It offers free of cost Wi-fi facility to its guests. From the Waves Motel, you can enjoy eye-catching views of the bay and outlying islands. In the Hibiscus Coast, Orewa Beach is considered one of its jewels, and from Waves, you can enjoy the sunrise and moonlight views from Orewa beach which are quite amazing.

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3. Castaways Resort

Castaways Resort

Are you looking for a stunning location to refresh your energy and experience rejuvenated, visit Castaways Resort which will give you the ultimate experience? Castaways Resort is located near the Karioitahi Beach (wild coastal cliff tops) on the west coast of Auckland. People visit this resort for overnight escape and family functions because Castaways resort’s location is distraction free and near to a beautiful beach. This resort offers Restaurant & Bar and comfortable a-la-carte dining for 365 days of a year. And, its Bersantai Day Spa will give you a fantastic experience. They provide private decks with sea views, free WiFi internet and many sky channels in all the cabins and studios. You can get a sense of escape from the attractive and remote position of Karioitahi Beach.

4. Enclosure Bay

Search Interior Solutions Bedroom Bedroom Design

If you are finding accommodation with views too huge to capture, Enclosure bay is the best choice. It is situated on the stunning, northern shoreline of Waiheke Island, flanked by small Oneroa and Palm. Enclosure Bay has beautifully designed luxurious and modern architecture. There are one bedroom suites, and one king bedded room which has private decks and many more facilities which you expect for luxury accommodation. Waiheke Island is five minutes away from the Enclosure bay by the drive. Waiheke is well-known for its attractive beaches, olive groves, and natural reserves with enormous walking tracks.

5. Snell Beach Motel

Snell Beach Motel

By taking an easy drive of one hour from the Auckland Airport, you will reach Snell Beach Motel. This motel is situated on the way to the bay of islands. It has 12 luxurious apartments with one and two bedroom units out of which some have spa baths. The swimming pool has a subtropical garden setting where you can enjoy swimming activities in seasonal heated water. From Snell Beach Motel, you can watch immense sights out to the Bay and its islands. Being a magical place, no doubt, this place is one of the most desirable places to visit in New Zealand. The resort is situated on the Mahurangi East Peninsula and near the heart of the breathtaking Matakana Coast and Country.

6. Onetangi beach apartments

Onetangi beach apartments

Onetangi beach apartments are the best option for various travelers. The apartments are the most prominent venue beside the ocean. This place is perfect for those couples who want a weekend away or rest and relax in the natural environment, for family vacations, for weeding and other functions. The location of Onetangi is close to an idyllic beach, and they have friendly staff. They offer all the amenities that you would require. Over three floors, there are total 32 apartments, and each apartment includes free WiFi and private kitchen. They provide plus two spa tubs. Beachfront location can make your dining tastier. You can take a long walk around the Onetangi Beach which is only a few minutes away by foot from your accommodation.

7. Aquasands Studio Apartments

Aquasands Studio Apartments

From the Little Oneroa Beach, Aquasands Studio Apartments are situated across the road. And, only 4 minutes drive is required to reach Waiheke Ferry Terminal from Aquasands Studio Apartments. It has many apartments or units with private balcony from where you can look at the views of Oneroa Bay. Like many resorts, it also provides free Wi-Fi feature and free parking as well. The architecture of the resort is very well planned, each apartment has its kitchen, fridge and more facilities. The personal lounge area has a DVD player and Flat screen TV. Mostly couples like this place a lot and they have given good review and rating.

The above top seven Auckland beach resorts are must visit places. They all have excellent infrastructure and provides lovely views from their rooms. The stunning sunsets view and wild coastline will make your day. The beachfront location of the resorts can make you fresh, relax and deliver a peaceful environment on your beachside New Zealand vacay!

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10 Best Casinos In Jamaica Which Will Be The Perfect Place For The Masterminds!

Jamaica is a home to some of the most beautiful beaches and amazing casinos in the world and this is the reason a lot of tourists visit the country every year for spending vacations. Jamaica is famous for its natural beauty and different species of animals. Not only the beaches, but this beautiful country is also a home of the various species of wild animal and beautiful birds.

What most of the people don’t know about Jamaica that it has several casinos which are full of entertainment and can be a perfect destination for you if you are planning a vacation to this beautiful island country. Below are some of the best casinos in Jamaica which you can visit next time you plan a vacation there.

1. Mosino


Mosino is one of the best casinos in Montego Bay Jamaica and comes on the top in our list of the top 10 casinos in Jamaica. A lot of tourists visit Mosino every year and have some wonderful time of their lives. Mosino is located in the Catherine Hall in Montego Bay and offers some of the best amenities as compared to other casinos in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It offers Black Jack, Horse Racing, Spin & Win and roulette. Not only the casino, but Mosino also has an amazing restaurant as well where you can have snacks and meals. Come to Mosino and try your luck.

Location: Catherine Hall (Besides Mega Mart) Off of Howard Cooke Boulevard Montego Bay

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2. Reno Bar and Gaming Lounge

Reno Bar and Gaming Lounge

Reno Bar and Gaming Lounge is a small casino in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It features roulette, Black Jack, Royal Ascot horse betting and a series of Slot Machines to make your night full of fun and thrill. Although the casino is small but is sufficient enough to give you some amazing time. Apart from a Gaming Lounge and Casino, Reno has a bar that offers Beer and cocktails to make your evening a pleasurable one.

Location: 18 Main St, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

3. Club Jamaica Gaming Lounge

Club Jamaica Gaming Lounge

Club Jamaica Gaming Lounge is the way to unlimited excitement and thrills spread over 7000 square feet of land. It opens a door to the world of entertainment as it combines the excitement of world-class gaming, exquisite dining and amazing entertainment with pleasurable and comfortable ambiance to make your evening a memorable one. The Gaming lounge features Digital table games, a series of slot machines and world-class horse betting. The restaurant inside the club gives you an amazing dining experience if you have had a stressful time in the gaming lounge.

Location: Lot 20B Cardiffal, Rickets Dr, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

4. Treasure Hunt Gaming

Treasure Hunt Gaming

Treasure Hunt Gaming is one of the most vibrant and energetic Casinos in Jamaica that claims to give the best payout to you in the industry. The casino gives you a beautiful view of the coast of Jamaica’s city and you feel energetic while enjoying the amazing features of this beautiful Casino. Tasty food, premium Bar and variety of games make this place a happening one for the tourists as well as for the locals. The place has something for every kind of gamer and even if you are a casual gamer, you will enjoy the visit.

Location: 1091 Morgan Road, Whitter Village, Ironshore, Montego Bay, Jamaica

5. Terra Nova Jamaica

Terra Nova Jamaica

Terra Nova is one of the best casinos in Kingston Jamaica and attracts a lot of people towards it. It is a hotel which has an on-site Casino and if you are staying here, this is possibly the best thing you can experience. The Vegas-style casino and gaming space spread over 8000 square feet of land is the centre of attraction for all the tourists. Make your bets on more than 150 slot machines, horse racing and Black Jack machines to experience the chills and thrills of legal gambling. The casino also provides you with complimentary snacks and drinks so that you do not have to leave your lucky streak.

Location: 17 Waterloo Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

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6. The Jamaica Pegasus and Derby Rooms

The Jamaica Pegasus and Derby Rooms

The Jamaica Pegasus and Derby rooms are one of the most popular casinos and Derby rooms in Jamaica. You need to stay in their hotel if you want to enjoy this amazing Casino and their services. The hotel and resort are huge and so is the gaming lounge. The lounge features Blackjack, Derby rooms (Horse racing), and over 150 slot machines to give you some of the best gambling experiences while you enjoy your pleasant and comfortable stay at the hotel. Attached to the gaming lounge is the restaurant which has some amazing delicacies to offer.

Location: 81 Knutsford Blvd, Kingston 5, Jamaica

7. Casino and Club Hotel Riu

Casino and Club Hotel Riu

The Casino and Club Hotel RIU is located in Negril and is probably the smallest Casino you will find in Jamaica. There are about 15-20 slot machines that are sufficient to satisfy your cravings for gambling. If you find all the big casinos packed in nearby places, you can surely visit the Club Hotel in Negril and have a wonderful gambling time with your family and friends. There is a nice restaurant as well for eating and dining and the overall ambiance is satisfactory

Location: Norman Manley Boulevard, Bloody Bay Beach, Negril, Jamaica

8. Acropolis Gaming Lounge

Acropolis Gaming Lounge

Acropolis Gaming Lounge is a casino and gaming centre in Jamaica with excellent amenities provided. The Casino is over-packed with tourists and locals as it is one of the best gaming places in Kingston. With over 150 slot machines, Acropolis Gaming Lounge features Black Jack, Derby rooms, Baccarat and many such amazing casino gaming. The place provides you complimentary food and drinks as well to make your gambling experience better and worry free. If you are in Kingston, Jamaica, don’t forget to visit Acropolis.

Location: Barbican Centre (Loshusan Mall), Barbican Rd. Kingston St Andrew Parish Jamaica

9. Caribbean Treasures Gaming Lounge

Caribbean Treasures Gaming Lounge

Caribbean Treasures is one of the most relaxed and easygoing gaming lounges in Jamaica that only offer electronic machines and no table games. This place is located centrally and you get to see a lot of amazing things nearby while coming to Caribbean Treasures. This Gaming Lounge offers 51 games at your visit and no matter which game you play and take the chance, you will surely enjoy the time of your life here.

Location: 19 Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay, Jamaica

10. Coral Cliff Gaming and Entertainment Lounge

Coral Cliff Gaming and Entertainment Lounge

Although Coral Cliff Gaming and Entertainment Lounge is not a luxurious casino you will find with large game floors, but whatever they have is more than enough to satisfy your gambling needs. One of the best things about the Coral Cliff is that it is open 24-hours a day and you can visit anytime to try your luck and take risks. There are around 100 video slot machines that can accommodate a fair number of risk takers and there is always a live music or stage shows happening to keep you engaged even while you are sitting and relaxing. There is a big-screen television as well for the sports fans.

Location: Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay, Jamaica

These are some of the best Casinos which you will find in Jamaica and will be able to enjoy the thrilling experience as gambling is quite popular in Jamaica. So, if you want to try your luck on some of the best casinos, then plan and customize your Jamaica vacation with TravelTriangle and play this game of luck!

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10 Places For Photography In Los Angeles: Take Out Your Polaroid & Go Click!

Los Angeles is the home of the Hollywood sign, superstars, hot weather and palm trees. All of which makes Los Angeles a must visit place for the movie buffs and those looking for some nice clicks. This incredible place stretches for 500 square miles and more from its coast, going on to the San Gabriel and the Santa Rosa mountains. LA is a city which comes with stunning galleries and beautiful murals which is the dream of any photographer. These, combined with some of the best juice bars, taco stands, and restaurants with Michelin stars on them make for great retro and unique shots. LA in its entirety is a giant photogenic place but there are some spots which are the best places for photography in Los Angeles for engaging your photographic side with.

Are you a photographer? If, yes then head to these fascinating places in Los Angeles, take out your polaroids and go click some instagrammable pictures. Take a look!

1. Fashion District

Fashion District

Situated in the corner of the 8th and LA in the Downtown LA, there is a beautiful mural made by Teddy Kelly which imbues the place which much needed pop and splash of color in the heart of this city’s fashion district. This mural fun is a great place to practice your photography skills. A great place for taking portraits, but its scale is best matched if you go the other side of the road and take pictures from there.

Location: Fashion district, Los Angeles.
Timings: all day
Entry Fee: free

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2. Hollywood Bowl Overlook

City view at night

One of the best places for night photography in Los Angeles. This place offers some of the most amazing views in all of L.A. You will be able to see most of what constitutes Hollywood as well as the downtown in the distance. To get some beautiful light trails along the Hollywood Freeway, make sure to bring a tripod and then set up your camera for long exposure. The light trails here are unlike anywhere else and this method will give you some of those smooth streams of gorgeous light.

Location: Hollywood & Highland Center. 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Timings: All Day
Price: Free

3. Penetrable At The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

Penetrable At The Los Angeles

Situated right on the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) campus, there is an art called ‘Penetrable’ by Jesús Rafael Soto that has become a favorite spot if photographers. This art is made up of plastic hoses which are suspended through the air and you can walk through them. It is also a playground for kids and adults alike. Bring your camera out here for some unique styles and perspectives.

Location: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA
Entry Fee: $20 entry fee

4. Downtown L.A.

Downtown L.A view

One of the best places for street photography in Los Angeles. Downtown LA is a great place in itself with all the movie memorabilia people encounter therein, but if you are looking for some great shots with the clear LA sky then there are some special spots which you should prowl. There is a parking garage located right on the corner of the 9th and the Broadway over there offers some amazing views of the gorgeous downtown skyline from its easily accessible rooftop. There is an epic neon backdrop over there which says ‘Jesus Saves’ that you should include in your frame if you are looking for something retro-ish.

Location: Downtown, Los Angeles
Timings: all day
Entry Fee: free

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5. Bronson Caves, Griffith Park

Caves view

Superhero fans will love this place for sure as the ‘Batcave’ which was featured in the original Batman Series dating back to the 60s is located right here at the Bronson Canyon. But don’t expect much from it, especially if you are going to starry-eyed and expecting to see the real Batcave. In reality, it resembles more of a tunnel where hikers can pass through. The natural sunlight, which filters in against the dark interior makes for some amazing shots, especially for the silhouette pictures. If you are going to take some motion shots here then ensure that the shutter speed is kept on high so that the subject doesn’t come out blurry.

Location: Bronson Caves, Griffith Park
Timings: All Day
Price: free

6. Hancock Park

Park view

Perhaps the one place which represents quintessential Los Angeles,USA because of the Hollywood Sign which is framed by the swaying palm trees. The Windsor Boulevard, right between the 4th and 6th is a great place for getting stunning shots in the Hancock Park neighborhood. If you are going for casual photography with just your smartphone, then think again and opt for taking a camera because a phone camera just won’t do this place justice.

Location: Greater Wilshire / Hancock Park, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Timings: not sure
Price: free

7. The Ace Gallery

Gallery view

Definitely one of the best places to take pictures in Los Angeles at night. Sitting across the El Rey Theatre is the Ace Gallery on the Wilshire Boulevard. It is one of the beautiful hidden gems that mid-city LA has ever been able to produce. The best part about this is that it is absolutely free and also open to the public. One of the great pieces for taking a memorable shot is in front of art by Swiss artist John M. Armleder which consists of a wall of just neon pink circles. Emitting an eerie and yet surreal feeling in the onlookers this place is best for getting any retro shots you have planned. So get your camera and bring another person too, because you will need two people to get a good shot.

Location: 5514 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA

8. El Matador Beach


Located just a few miles to the north of Malibu is the El Matador Beach, which has some of the most amazing and interesting rock formations in the California coast. A favorite spot for photographers is an amazing arch shaped like an arrowhead right beside the water. It is a great place for taking some stunning portraits. Here’s a tip: The best time to take pictures over here is the golden hour as you will get some amazing glow in your photos.

Location: 32350 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
Timings: All Day
Price: Free

9. Echo Park

Boat and lake view

One of the most interesting places to photograph in Los Angeles. Echo Park is a haven for photographers will amazing views, but the one which is undoubtedly the best one for indulging your photographic side has to be the one in the North end of this park and looking towards the district of downtown. The ideal place for great views, visit during sunset or sunrise for some amazing pictures. If you also aim to capture the much-talked-about LA skyline, then this is the best place to head for.

Location: By the Elysian Valley to the north and northeast, Silver Lake to the northwest, Chinatown and Downtown to the southeast, Elysian Park to the east, Westlake to the southwest and west.
Price: free

10. Urban Light

Urban Light

This ‘Urban Light’ creation over at LACMA is by Chris Burden. LACMA is the largest museum in the whole of the Western United States. It is also one of the most photographed locations in LA. The piece is made up of very unique 202 restored antique street lamps made up of cast iron. If you want a more unique shot, then the best place to head over there is in the mornings. The right time can add something magical to your photos.

Location: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA
Timings: All day
Price: $20 for admission

Los Angeles in its entirety is a gorgeous and trendy place where photographers will find backdrops for various kinds and styles of pictures ranging from the surreal to the natural. So, pack your bags,book your trip to Los Angeles, take your camera and go out hunting for some amazing shots.

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10 Adventurous Theme Parks In South Africa That Are Perfect For A Fun & Frolic Outing!

Theme parks give all of us enjoyment due to their nature. They are a great activity for a holiday as the whole family can be with each other. Most theme parks are formed in a way that they will give the most fun to the children and teenagers. These days’ different theme parks have cropped up throughout the world. For both a long holiday or for a short vacation, people look for theme parks where they can enjoy and have fun.

These are some of the theme parks that people like in South Africa. They aren’t in any particular order. So, go through them and peek the one that you find the most interesting. Let us begin with the list of theme parks in South Africa.

1. Sun City

Sun City

Sun City is a popular resort that is situated in South Africa. People often choose it as their vacation destination as they are well-maintained and have things to offer. Their Valley of Waves water park has several rides to offer. It is totally family friendly and the children actually get their designated play area. Along with this they also have The Maze of the Lost City which will be loved by adults who like to play games. They do have an extensive golf course in the area.

Location: 6 Sandown Valley Crescent, Sandton Gauteng, South Africa
Timing: The theme parks operate at different timings. In the summer it lasts from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM. During the winter months, it changes to 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM.
Entry Fee: The entry fee depends on several factors like choice of entertainment and planning for the day. For the water park, it does change according to the season.

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2. Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is a theme park in Johannesburg that has a variety of entertainment options available for both children and adults. This park works 24-hours a day proving to be one of the most popular parks present in the city. The theme park is filled with 16 thrill rides and 14 other rides meant specifically for the kids.

Location: Corner of Northern Parkway & Data Crescent, Ormonde, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Timings: The theme park has different timings in different seasons.
Entry Fee: A rider needs to pay R215 to enter the park and a non-rider has to pay R125. On top of these, there are different packages for people.

3. UShaka Marine World

UShaka Marine World

This is a marine theme park in South Africa that is loved by many people. It has a quality of its own because of its uniqueness. It is stretched over a huge area and it even has its own beach and a chimp zoo. So, if you want to surprise your kid with a really good theme park then uShaka should definitely be on the list. There are different sections like the wet n’ wild and village walk to entice children.

Location: 1, King Shaka Ave, Point, Durban, 4001, South Africa
Timings: The timings of the park will depend on the season that the visitor visits. Currently, it is from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM.
Entry Fee: There are different packages that one can avail based on their interest. The lowest one is R211.

4. Adventure Land


Children love to visit theme parks that are vibrant and can talk for themselves. Adventure Land has to be one of them because of the variety that they have in rides and the way in which they have designed it around the children. There are enough water rides to enjoy along with a dedicated playground. The park is stretched out in 24 hectares of land which makes it a worthy place.

Location: N2 Harkerville, Plettenberg Bay, 6600, South Africa
Timings: The timings of the park are from 10:00 AM to 5 PM.
Entry Fee: The water park entry is for R155 per person.

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5. Plett Puzzle Park

Plett Puzzle Park

Puzzles are fun for both adults and children. In South Africa, a family can have a really good time while solving some riddles and puzzles. This is the theme behind the Plett Puzzle Park which has an interactive 3-D maze and a forest puzzle walk. These have been designed in a way that they bring enjoyment to the person who is involved in the activities.

Location: Greater Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, South Africa
Timings: The Park is open every day from 9:30 AM to 17:00 PM.
Entry Fee: The combo for both the 3-D puzzle and the forest puzzle costs one just R175 for adults and R145 for children.

6. Splash Water World

Splash Water World

Water brings children and adults a lot of fun because it doesn’t tire our body. So, we can already see a lot of theme parks which have been designed around water. Splash Water World is another that has fantastic rides for the visitors. There are 10 water slides and safety is maintained for all the people. The premises also have a nice family restaurant serving good food.

Location: Amanzimtoti Main Beach (below the Thirsty Whale), 97 Beach Road, Amanzimtoti, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Timings: The Park remains open from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM on a daily basis.
Entry Fee: A Day Pass at the park generally costs a person R130.

7. WavePark GetAway

WavePark GetAway

This is yet another one of the amazing water theme parks in South Africa that is there to provide a water-based adventure to its visitors. A family can spend their whole day at the park and enjoy the rides that they have to offer. The main attraction of the park is the Spaghetti Junction Supertube which tops the height of 180-metre.

Location: G420, Gateway Theatre of Shopping, 1 Palm Blvd, Umhlanga Ridge, Durban, 4320, South Africa
Timings: The Park opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 17:00 PM.
Entry Fee: The entry fee depends on the package that the person or group chooses for themselves.

8. Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings

Families have always spent their time in theme parks that are totally based on children. But Cool Runnings of Cape Town is a little different. It is mainly a Toboggan Family Park that will bring enjoyment to the whole troop. It is a ride where the person moves downhill through a half-pipe. They are placed amidst nature so it becomes even more thrilling. A café is also present at the location.

Location: Carl Cronje Dr, Tygervalley, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa
Timings: The Park remains open from Monday through Friday from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Entry Fee: The ride at this park starts just from R50.

9. Big Rush

Big Rush

The adrenalin rush is a thing that adventurous people crave a lot in their body. This theme park is designed for adults who want to feel that increasing heartbeat. This place actually has a Guinness world record for their swing. Do remember that this is a riskier ride than any of the above mentioned theme parks.

Location: Shop 15, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, South Africa, 4001
Timings: The Company starts with the ride from 9 AM.
Entry Fee: The experience of this ride can cost you around R600 or more for a single jump.

10. Acrobranch


Acrobranch is an adventure where everyone can take part. Everyone from the children to the adults can have a taste of their ability. This facility is present at several locations in South Africa and it can definitely work out as an alternative to any theme park. It is mainly zip lining in a fun way.

Location: Acrobranch has parks at Cape Town, Melrose, Garden Route, and many other places.
Timings: The timings are generally told to the participants after their booking.
Entry Fee: The adventure starts at just R140 at this park.

So, here are some of the amazing theme parks in South Africa, Cape Town. Families can definitely choose among them to find one that goes with their taste. We have kept a mix of adventure and fun to help them in their decision. And now when you have the list ready, then pack your bags and head out on a vacation to South Africa right away!

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10 Quaint And Cozy Cottages In Canada For A Perfect Canadian Vacay!

If you want to take a vacation around the globe then Canada is among one of the top destinations to choose from. With a number of beautiful locations to get mesmerized by, this place is home to some of the most amazing stay options like homestays, resorts, and cottages. Stay in one of the cottages in Canada if you want to experience a warm and fun-filled vacation besides resting in the lap of nature.

A stay amidst nature with your friends and family, BBQ, and getting the flavor of being a local, beats any fancy hotel stay. Cottages in Canada have taken up this experience a notch higher by introducing ultra modern facilities to enhance the experience of its guests.

Following are some of the best cottages in Canada which will serve as the perfect setting while you are on your vacation here. Read on to know more about these quaint cottages.

1. Wild Renfrew Seaside Cottage

Wild Renfrew Seaside Cottage

With a private beach area, beautiful lush green garden, and a bar, the Wild Renfrew Seaside Cottage tops the list of cottages in Canada. Retreat yourself to a private waterfront cottage with rooms that have all the modern amenities like a full set-up kitchen, TV, and more. Not to forget, this property is a great place for pets too. You could even engage in hiking with your family while you are holidaying here.

The cottage is located close to an ATM and has an in-house restaurant as well. Free Wifi is also available for the convenience of the guests. Spend a relaxing time at the beach or simply have a fun time with your family and friends here.


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2. Oceanstone Seaside Resort

Oceanstone Seaside Resort

Perfect for a winter holiday or a summer getaway, the Oceanstone Seaside Resort is a must visit. It has a number of cottages that come in different sizes to suit every traveler. The resort also hosts whiskey tastings, learning seminars, and more interesting activities, leading to something or the other to do around here always. You can enjoy the local as well as the international delicacies at their onsite restaurant.

The cottages are extremely pretty with facilities like wood stoves to provide one with an amazing stay experience. Situated on the Oceanside, a stay at this property lets one wake up to the mesmerizing sound of the waves hitting the rocks. Enjoy the sandy beach and experience an exceptional holiday during your stay here.


3. 1000 Islands B and B

1000 Islands B and B

Situated in the downtown Brockville, the B and B is easily accessible by a train, bus, highway, and port. Located one block away from the street, one can go all touristy and visit places like the Aquatarium, Tall Ships landing, and Brockville Art Center. The property is beautifully kept since 1894, and well updated with all the latest amenities one could ask for.

In-room amenities include a Tassimo coffee machine, fridge, and a delicious breakfast. For all the Netflix lovers out there, the rooms are well-equipped with an internet TV and so one has full access to Netflix and YouTube as well. When here, start your day with a sumptuous breakfast and then take a dip in the heated ground pool. If your idea of a vacation is a tad bit different, then order a drink for yourself and enjoy a relaxing day.


4. Glenview Cottages

Glenview Cottages

Just a 15-minute drive to Downtown, the Glenview Cottages are located in Sault Ste, Ontario. Accommodation options include one and two bedroom cottages. The former is a good option for couples while the latter can accommodate up to five people. All cottages are equipped with well set-up functional kitchens so that guests can enjoy delicious home-cooked meals.

Glenview Cottages are equipped with ultra-modern amenities like complimentary cable and wireless internet service. The internet is available for the campground as well. With an outdoor pool, sauna, common room with fireplace, playground for volleyball, and more, there are a number of activities to enjoy when staying here.


5. Teepee Meadows

Teepee Meadows

This 40-acre property located in the Robson Valley is one of the best cottages in Canada. Find peace and solace in the beautiful private cabins in Valemount surrounded by total lush greenery. Enjoy your stay during the vacation in private cabins fully equipped with a functional kitchen, bath, and uninterrupted wi-fi. The cabins will give you a mesmerizing view of the Caribou mountains from a BBQ enabled porch. Cook a delicious meal with your family and friends at the BBQ and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

The property is pet-friendly and extremely safe for children, making it a perfect stay option. The property itself is home to various friendly animals including adorable dogs, miniature horses, and even a llama. You can also take up hiking and skiing in Valemount to have all the fun you wanted while holidaying.


Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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6. Anchorage House & Cottages

Anchorage House & Cottages

Only a short drive away from Halifax, overlooking the boating paradise of St. Margaret’s Bay, Anchorage House & Cottages are just perfect for your stay. These are situated at a central location, thus making your visit to various attractions of Nova Scotia including Mahone Bay, Annapolis Valley, and Peggy’s Cove, pretty convenient.

Accommodation options include beautiful 2 and 4 bedroom cottages that are available all around the year. The cottages are perfect for both long and short vacations, for family, romantic getaways, and business meetings. Facilities for each cottage includes a private deck, BBQ, TV, fireplace, and private baths. One can even take a swim in the outdoor heated pool and relax at the nearby Hubbards Beach which is just a stone’s throw away.


7. Seaside Cottages at Ginger Hill

Seaside Cottages at Ginger Hill

Experience the beauty of Canada in the 4-star, eco-friendly Seaside Cottages at Ginger Hill. With beautiful oceanfront views, the property which is spread over four acres offers a choice between two sandy beaches. Five cottages are located at the Crescent Beach and give a mesmerizing view of the island town of Lockport. Three cottages offer a more secluded stay at Buchanan Beach. These cottages have a quiet cove and adorn a view of the Gull Rock Lighthouse and the Atlantic Ocean.

The cottages have housekeepers, coastal-style furnishing, and beautiful beds with duvets besides fully functional kitchens and adorable baths. With plenty of storage space, the property boasts of an ultra-comfortable stay. You also get covered decks with rocking chairs to relax. There are cedar picnic tables as well so you can spend quality time picnicking with your friends and family.


8. Four Winds Retreat

Four Winds Retreat

If a refreshing vacation is on your mind then Four Winds Retreat is a perfect option. Thanks to the easily accessible world-famous sand dunes and Sandbanks Provincial Park situated just 10 minutes from here. Spend a relaxing vacation here and engage in numerous activities like fishing, boating, and swimming if you want to spend some quiet time.

Four Winds offers a family vacation retreat with 10 beautiful cottages and housekeeping. The cottages are pet-friendly and promise of a peaceful stay on the shore of the East Lake. There are 2 clean water kayaks, a campfire place, and space for hiking too. Bike to your heart’s content and soak in all the beauty around. The property is just 20 minutes from the charming historic town of Bloomfield. Plan a day here and explore the beauty of its streets.


9. Kenauk Nature

Kenauk Nature

One of the largest private fish and game reserves in North America, Kenauk Nature lets you experience a unique kind of wilderness. Here you get your own cabin at the lake with breath-taking views of natural beauty. The property offers 16 luxurious cabins equipped with solar lights, fully set-up functional kitchens, baths with hot shower, and private docks to relax. Kayaks, canoes, and rowboats are also available for the guests to engage in fun activities whenever they want.

Cabins are available for all types of vacations including a family retreat, couple getaway, and business traveling. The series available here are Heritage Series, Classic Series, and Deluxe Series. The property also has exclusive hunting and fishing packages that can be customized as per the guest’s requirement.


10. Fairways Cottages

Fairways Cottages

A family owned and operated 4-star property, Fairways Cottages offer a chalet resort vacation with customizable packages to make your vacations fun and memorable. Over 20 cottages are available for romantic getaways, family vacations, cycling and hiking activities, corporate meets, and much more. When here don’t forget to relax at PEI’s famous beaches.

All cottages are equipped with functional kitchens, spa tubs, beautiful baths, and pinned interiors. The property offers exceptional housekeeping services to take care of all your needs. Enjoy some relaxing time at the heated in-ground swimming pool, play volleyball at the sand court, or propane BBQ at the personal deck with tables and chairs. You can also rent a bike from the area’s only bike rental service which is just 2 minutes away from the property and explore the nature’s beauty in the area.


Cottage stay offers a unique holiday experience with friends and family, giving a chance to make the bond stronger. Stay in the lap of nature, take up fun activities, enjoy BBQ, and much more. Book your trip with TravelTriangle now!

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Huayna Picchu: The Ultimate Guide For An Enthralling Vacation!

Traveling to different places is the best feeling one can get. If you love to travel, then you must know the interwoven thrill of it. You might have visited important places in the world but have you been to Huayna Picchu? If you haven’t then this is the time you must put your steps there.

The meaning of Huayna Picchu is the ‘Young peak’ in the Quechua language, and this is the largest mountain that is situated directly behind Machu Picchu. If you are traveling to this place then you will get to see the untouched beauty of this place. For many travelers, Huayna Picchu hike falls under the main highlights while visiting Machu Picchu. The view from the extreme top, the citadel, and the extraordinary landscape are worth climbing for.

About Huayna Picchu

From far the Huayna Picchu might look a little tough, but if you come closer you will find it’s just steep hike and it never requires any hiking tools or expertise at all. If you are climbing to the top, you must know that children of 12 and over can climb only. The total climbing area is, 1000 feet and it is situated above the city. From the top, you will get to see the remnants of the temples, and the terraces, and you might question how the Incas have built the place at that time.
Huayna Picchu Tickets 2019: 200 soles /$59 USD

Best Time To Visit Huayna Picchu

Haryana Picchu can be visited throughout the year, but every time the number of travelers is allowed are only 400. The climbing is a small challenge, but you shouldn’t ignore it, because the steps can be slippery at times, and for this reason, November to April should be avoided because of the rainy season here. The perfect time to visit this place is from May to September. The entry to this place are given from 7 to 8 am and then from 10 to 11 am. The entry time is split evenly in the two times. You will get two trails to reach the top one takes, 45 to 60 minutes and another takes 3 hours to reach the top.

The second trail will take you to the Grand cavern that is known as the temple of the moon. These are natural caves facing the northern part of the mountain. Upon returning the caves circles in a loop surrounding the mountain and then meets the main trail again.

If you are all energized to hike up to the Huayna Picchu, then you must know climbing up to the top you will have to cross the Temple of the moon and from there you have to climb the Huayna Picchu stairs of death. Although no one has died here you might get shortness of breath, vertigo. There are so many things to do while having the Huayna Picchu tour. Here is the list of 10.

1. The Sun Gate

The Sun Gate

Travel to the Machu Picchu sun gate. These gates were believed to control the port for the people entering and exiting. Try not to miss the sunrise from the sun gate as it’s a mesmerizing view.

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2. The Inca Bridge

The Inca Bridge

This bridge was built for the Inca army and it’s situated at the west out of the Machu Picchu. In reality, there is no bridge at all, but a stone path carved on the rock. Instead of the bridge, there is a 20-foot drop to get rid of unwanted people. This very gap of the bridge can be filled with big tree trunks.

3. Hike Huayna Picchu

Hike Huayna Picchu

If you want to get the bird’s eye view then you must climb Huayna Picchu height. This place is situated just behind the city and to get the climbing permit, you have to pay extra money.

4. The Watchman’s Hut

The Watchman's Hut

image courtesy

The moment you enter the city you will see the Watchman’s hut and from here you will get an excellent view of the entire city. Try not to miss this place.

5. Funerary Stone

Funerary Stone

At the outside of the Watchman’s hut, there is a strange carved rock and it is known as the funerary stone. The actual reason for this stone is unknown only the historians believe that this place was used as a sacrificial place.

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6. Temple Of The Sun

Temple Of The Sun

You will get to see the best stoner work of Machu Picchu. This place was used for an astronomical observatory. This is the place where offerings have been placed too. You will find their several niches and the offerings were made that too.

7. The Fountains

The Fountains

Machu Picchu has 16 baths. The natural spring waters come from 750 meters high above and through the stone channels. The baths were used for purification and rituals. Check out the fountains and realize the advancement Incas had at that time.

8. Royal Tomb

Royal Tomb

It is situated next to the Temple of the sun and is the palace of the princess. The place has a cave-like feature, but it was named as a tomb but no remnants of anybody have been found here.

9. The Temple Of Three Windows

The Temple Of Three Windows

This place is situated in the royal sector and it has been named as the ‘Sacred plaza’. The three windows are made up by large blocks of stones which weigh 3 tons. The three windows face the mountains came from the three mythological caves the children of the sun arrived on earth.

10. House Of The High Priest

House Of The High Priest

In the third structure of the ‘Sacred plaza,’ you will get to see the House of the high priest. This very house has the best solid structure in Machu Picchu. This place has 4 walls and no proof if the priest actually lived there or not.

How To Reach

You have to reach Machu Picchu from Cusco in Peru. If you have booked a tour of Machu Picchu then your guide will take you to the nearest village named, Aguas Calientes. Here you will be for acclimatization purpose, as it is 6, 7000 feet, then from here, you go to Huayna Picchu and then back to Cusco.

  • If you have booked a tour at Machu Picchu, then you have to have a pleasant journey on the hiking and exploring the ancient cultures of the Incas.
  • Once you reach Peru you can have the best delicious Peruvian cuisine, and taste the beers.
  • Bring a rain jacket and try not to carry an umbrella or sticks for walking. Get your passport with you and you will get a Machu Picchu stamp on it.
  • It’s your decision whether you want to walk up to the Citadel or take up a bus that takes 20 minutes. You will get the buses in every 15 minutes and it takes $24 for a round trip for adults and for children it’s $12. If you want to avoid the crowd, you must visit the guard’s house first and take some pictures from the above.

Enjoy the Huayna Picchu court with your partner or with your friends and you will have an unforgettable memory of the adventure of a lifetime. Already excited? Get ready and book your international trip right away!

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Essentials Things To Do

10 Scintillating Mountains In Brazil That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Brazil is a land of many natural wonders, from the beautiful seas to the towering mountains, this nation has it all. It is because of these stunning natural formations that Brazil is such a popular tourist spot. With an average elevation of around 2000 meters, these mountain ranges are a huge part of Brazil. These mountains in Brazil date back millions of years and try are still standing tall and protecting the nation.

Here is the list of some of the notable Brazil Mountains and mountain ranges that you should definitely visit on your trip. Keep scrolling down and read along!

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1. Pico Da Neblina

Pico Da Neblina

Towering at a height of 9,827 feet; which is just a little shy of a boast-worthy 10,000 feet; Pico da Neblina stands near the neighboring Venezuelan border and is touted as the highest mountain in Brazil. The summit is actually in the Guiana Highlands which is located in the Serra da Neblina region. The peak is hidden in foggy clouds and is a beautiful reflection of its name which means ‘Peak of the mists’. Discovered in the year 1965, the ecosystem of this summit remains unaltered due to preservation efforts which have resulted in two national parks known as the Pico da Neblina National Park and Serrania de la Neblina National Park. But the sheer inaccessibility to this region has also helped in keeping this place a little haven safe. Thriving quietly on this mountain are over 200 species of hardwood trees, blue and yellow chested macaw birds and reptiles like caiman snakes and turtles.

Location: In the Guiana Highlands

2. Pico 31 De Marco

Pico 31 De Marco

This mountain has an elevation of about 9,758 feet and so it is the second highest peak in the country. Located in the Amazon region, it falls both within Venezuela and Brazil’s territories. The fauna and flora found in these remote areas are wonderfully diverse, which has resulted in some not being discovered to this day. The bird species found here include the green-winged and scarlet macaw, mammals include sloth, Capuchin monkey, tapir, faint otter, and brown howler monkeys. But there are also frigs, poisonous snakes, iguanas, caiman and more which prowl around this place and call it their home.

Location: Within the Pico da Neblina National Park.

3. Pico Do Calcado

Pico Do Calcado

Pico de Calcado towers at an impressive 9,347 feet and is thus crowned as the fourth higher summit in Brazil. It is located in the Espirito region and is pretty easy to get a climb on since there are little rocks or vegetation at its summit. This peak located very near to the Pico do Calcado Mountain.

Location: It is located within the Caparao National Park.

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4. Pedra Da Mina

Pedra Da Mina

With an elevation of about 9000 feet and more, this peak is located in the Serra Fina section of the beautiful Mantiqueira Mountains, which has been said to be one of the most important mountain ranges of the country. It is present between Quelez which is in São Paulo and Passa Quatro which is present in Minas Gerais. This peak is the fourth highest in Brazil and is definitely the highest in São Paulo. Pedra da Mina is also notable for its very peculiar history and in spite of its very high peaks and also being situated pretty close to very densely populated areas, the mountain was virtually unknown Gill the 21st century rolled around.

Location: Within the Mantiqueira Mountains Environmental Protection Area.

5. Pico Das Agulhas Negras

Pico Das Agulhas Negras

Also known as the Black Needles Peak, the Pico das Agulhas Negras forms a part of the Serra da Mantiqueira, which is a mountain range that is located on both the States of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. Its elevation is at 2,791 meters (9,157 feet) which also declares this range as the fifth highest in the country. The jagged and rough peaks of this mountain give it its unique name. Despite various unrelenting attempts at climbing it, once in 1856 by Franklin Massena and furthermore in the years 1878 and 1898 by André Rebouças and Horácio de Carvalho respectively; the peak was finally reached in the year 1919 by Osvaldo Leal and Carlos Spierling.

Location: In the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro

6. Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is actually the highest peak in the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateaus found in South America. It has an elevation of 9,219 feet and the mountain serves as a tripoint between Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela. Mount Roraima actually forms a border between Venezuela and Brazil. There are not many species found in the Roraima, which is unique to the tepui plateaus itself, but the two endemic plants called the pitcher plant and Campanula are found on the summit. Its entire surface is made up of bare sandstone but there are a few scanty and bristling vegetation found as well.

Location: It lies in the Guiana Shield in the southeastern corner of Venezuela’s 12,000 square mile Canaima National Park.

7. Pico Do Monte Negro

Pico Do Monte Negro

At a height of 4,586 feet; the Pico do Monte Negro is the Rio Grande do Sul’s highest peak. This mountain is popular amongst climbers but is considered to be suitable for the more experienced ones. This mountain is attractive also because it is covered with the lush and vibrant Araucaria forest. Located in the canyon of the same name, it is possible to reach the base of this mountain by the car itself with the rest of the way being traveled by foot.

Location: At the city of São José dos Ausentes.

8. Morro Da Igreja

Morro Da Igreja

The Hill of the Portuguese is located in the state of Santa Catarina; this peak stands at an elevation of 5,978 feet. Actually, the Morro da Igreja is classified as the highest inhabited point of the whole state and is also it’s the second highest summit. This area is also the coldest in all of the nations with temperatures dropping well below the freezing point. As such, tourism also is very popular during the winter due to the beautiful snowfall which engulfs the landscape. As for natural formations, there are some curious ones in the area which are called the Pedra Furada and they literally mean Drilled Stone.

Located: In Urubici which is a municipality of the Santa Catarina state in southern Brazil

9. Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain

The Sugarloaf mountain in Brazil has a height of just 396 feet and is located in Rio De Janeiro on a peninsula which leads straight into the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is comprised of quartz and granite and rises straight out of the waters. Its unique name is said to come because it resembles the shape of traditional refined loaf sugar. It is part of a World Heritage Site. A glass-walled cable car also runs between this peak and Morro da Urca every 20 minutes.

Location: In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, right at the mouth of Guanabara Bay on a peninsula.

10. The Mantiqueira Mountains

The Mantiqueira Mountains

These mantiqueira mountains are part of the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. It rises to a height of about 9,180 feet and were forest covered (except the peaks that tower above the forest line). The name means ‘Mountains that cry’ due to the huge numbers of water bodies like springs and streams which are found there. These mountains provide pasture for cattle and charcoal as well apart from servings as tourist and health resorts.

Location: In the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The mountains of Brazil are picturesque and a beauty to behold. They offer a lot of recreational activities which can be carried out by visitors. Get packed, book your trip to Brazil and explore the stunning mountains!

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