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10 Best Phoenix Festivals Which Reflect The Vibrancy And Joys Of The City!

There is a celebratory vibe in Phoenix all year round, primarily due to the city’s multi-faceted art and cultural scene. The ‘Valley of the Sun’ hosts some unique festivals every year that give you an opportunity to let your hair down and at the same time delve deep into the rich heritage this city boasts freely.

The arts and cultural scene in Phoenix will marvel you, there are so many unique festivals here that you’d definitely not want to miss out on!

1. Breaking Ground Festival

fabulous dancing steps

This festival, as the name suggests, does break ground with some great performance, master classes and other cultural programmes featuring some of the best in modern contemporary dance. Have a great time watching dancers, choreographers and digital artists come together for one heck of a celebration! This generally happens over the weekend, so get ready to have a whale of a time!

Breaking Ground Festival date: January 25-26, 2019

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2. Quilt, Craft, and Sewing Festival

Quilt, Craft, and Sewing Festival

If you are one who loves needle work, then this is the festival for you. There’s a lot you can do here – buy, create or observe. Get involved in the free ‘Make and Take’ workshop, where you can learn the basics of needle craft and take home the fruits of your labour. If you aren’t that creative, you can spend some time hearing experts or watch some live demos!

Quilt, Craft, and Sewing Festival date: January 31-February 2, 2019

3. Tacolandia


This one is sure to get a lot of mouths to water, after all, it’s taco! This festival, dedicated to this delicious Mexican dish, is truly one-of-a-kind. So, sample different varieties of tacos and enjoy a day of live entertainment as you sip on cocktails and beer. This certainly sounds like a day you’d like to have; so, go ahead and make merry!

Tacolandia date: January 26,2019

4. Buckeye Air Fair

Aeroplane show

This is an interesting fair that witnesses a lot of family crowd. The Buckeye Air Fair revolves around the history and tradition of aviation and at the same time, offers visitors the chance to learn about space and flights. The exhibits are plenty here and you can participate in fun activities too, including biplane rides, hot air balloon and helicopter rides as well as a car show. If you have little ones accompanying you, there’s also a special kid’s zone here.

Buckeye Air Fair date: February 9-10, 2019

5. Street Eats Food Truck Festival

Food Truck

This one is sure to make you super hungry; after all, when do so many food trucks get together to serve up delicious food? There’s so much to sample here – from Philly steak sandwiches to gourmet cuisine. You can also participate in food gobbling competitions, learn a cooking trick or two at the workshops organised by renowned chefs or buy some essentials from the farmers’ market.

Street Eats Food Truck Festival date: February 16-17, 2019

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6. World Championship Hoop Dance Competition

Hoop Dance Competition

This festival, that started over two decades ago, is dedicated to the American Indian Hoop Dance, that’s a perfect blend of artistry and grace. Men and women put on the best show to win cash prizes and the coveted title of The World Champion Hoop Dancer. This one is visited by an enthusiastic bunch of spectators along with skilled judges, who mark these judges on their precision, creativity as well as speed.

World Championship Hoop Dance Competition date: February 9-10, 2019

7. Italian Festival of Arizona

Italian Festival of Arizona

If you are someone who loves everything Italian, then your search ends here! The Italian Festival of Arizona takes place for two days and celebrates Italian culture in the most vibrant way. There’s some live music, display of arts and crafts, wine tasting and of course, delicious Italian food. It’s also organised for a special cause – the proceeds go to a charity organisation.

Italian Festival of Arizona: February 23-24, 2019

8. Phoenix Pride Festival

Lady smiling

This festival that witnesses crowds of people to celebrate the LGBTQ community is spread over two days. There’s a lot of arts and crafts to observe and buy or indulge in some workshops on photography and sculpture. Thereafter, you can make a stop at the adults-only Erotic World. There is also a pride parade that’s held on the second day of the festival; don’t miss that!

Phoenix Pride Festival date: April 6-7, 2019

9. Phoenix Greek Festival

Phoenix Greek Festival

Another food festival that’s going to get your stomach happy! Considered the best Greek festival in Phoenix, there’s a lot to do here – eat sumptuous food, watch folk dance performances and live music. While the food is the big attraction, the dances too are a lot of fun! If you visit this festival, don’t leave without trying the classic delicacies like gyros, calamari and roasted lamb. Oh, and if you love your desserts, you are in for a treat with mouth watering Baklava and Baklava sundaes.

Phoenix Greek Festival date: October 2019

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Blue Mountains In Australia: Guide To The Most Beautiful Mountain Range In The Land Of Kangaroo

Australia is blessed with untouched natural landscapes and water bodies. If the innumerable beaches cross one’s mind when Australia pops up in a conversation, it should be noted that the country is also no short of nature reserves and dormant volcanic mountains. Blue Mountains in Australia are one of those jagged mountains situated in New South Wales that gives one a glimpse of the glorious countryside. The following guide covers every bit of information one needs to know before visiting the marvelous mountain range.

About The Blue Mountains In Australia

The Blue Mountains gets its name from the illusion of the blue tinge that it displays as a result of a chemical reaction between the oil from the eucalyptus trees and the mist. The mountains are home to expansive flora and fauna like eucalyptus trees that encroaches most part of the mountains. More than 40 endangered species of wildlife are known to take shelter in the Blue Mountains till date. One of the oldest natural valleys to have formed in the world, Blue Mountains are mystical and breathtaking.

Best Time To Visit The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains vary in temperature when compared to the rest of the New South Wales area. The temperatures in the mountains are always on the lower side than in Sydney. The warmest months in the mountains are from December to February. The average temperature up in the mountains is about 30℃ in these months. It is best to avoid the rainy season from June to September. The nights are a bit chilly but bearable. Autumn also makes for a good shoulder season to visit the Blue Mountains.

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How To Reach The Blue Mountains In Australia

It is an hour drive (80 km) from Sydney to the Blue Mountains entrance vis Victoria Pass. Alternatively, a train from the Central Station takes one to the Blue Mountains that can also be linked directly from the Sydney International Airport. The air-conditioned double-decker trains transit every day in the route and it takes about 2 hours to reach the starting point of the Blue Mountains day tour.

The Blue Mountains provide a good distraction from the city lifestyle and is a must visit destination when in Sydney. Here are a few things to do when here:

1. Take a cable car ride at Scenic World

Take a cable car ride at Scenic World

The cable car ride starts with a scenic railway ascent famous for being the steepest ascent in the world. One can then embark onto the glass floor gondola for a thrill ride across the Jamison Valley. It is one of the most recommended Blue Mountains attractions that has to be experienced. The cable car allows one to view the beautiful Three Sisters cliff, Katoomba Falls and the Mount Solitary. One can then disembark on the other side of the valley and continue on the walking trail through the popularly called Jurassic Rainforests. This Blue Mountain tour is wheelchair accessible.

Location: Violet Street, Cliff Drive, Katoomba NSW 2780, Australia
Cost: INR 2000 per person
Timings: 9:00 to 17:00

2. Explore the Jenolan Caves

Explore the Jenolan Caves

The Blue Mountains National Park has one of a kind guided tour into the Jenolan Caves. Known as the world’s oldest caves, Jenolan Caves are a must visit where one can explore the networking of the limestone caves with high chances of spotting wildlife such as kangaroos and platypus. The tour of the caves ends with a scrumptious lunch at one of their restaurant and bar.

Location: 4655 Jenolan Caves Road, Jenolan NSW 2760, Australia
Cost: INR 2700 per person
Timings: 9:00 to 20:00

3. Visit the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Visit the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden features some of the best of the plant species in the Blue Mountain National Park. Located on Mount Tomah, the botanic garden is best visited in the spring when the flowers are all in their glory. Sometimes, the garden also serves as a venue for a few heritage exhibitions.

Location: Bells Line of Road, Mount Tomah, NSW 2758, Australia
Cost: Free entry
Timings: 9:00 to 17:30

4. Hike up to the Wentworth Falls

Hike up to the Wentworth Falls

From the Wentworth Station, the trail up to the falls is very steep and is advisable to take extra care of the children as one might encounter a few cliff edges on the climb. This Blue Mountain attraction is for thrill seekers who can enjoy nature as much as the adrenaline rush. The Wentworth Falls is a three-step waterfall that gets its source of water from the Jamison Valley. There are about 200 steps that one has to endure to reach the top and be able to soak in the cool waters.

Before just heading out to the Blue Mountains, it is important to sort the accommodation first. As the tour of the mountain range, as well as other activities, can take nearly a day or more, here are a few hotel options:

1. Season of Mists

Season of Mists

The Blue Mountains accommodation is not scant and has a lot of options for every budget. One of the romantic places to stay when at the Blue Mountains is the Season of Mists. It is located at Blackheath and is just 15 mins away from the train station. It is comprised of luxurious cottages and a spa that provide the best views of the Kanimbla Valley and maintain the tranquillity of the place.

Location: 49 Shipley Road, Blackheath NSW 2785, Australia
Cost: INR 20000 per night

2. Fairmont Resort MGallery

Fairmont Resort MGallery

This Blue Mountain resort is a mid-range accommodation that offers the best services. Located in the Leura overlooking the Jamison Valley, the property is vast and beautiful. It has a kids entertainment section, a library, a golf course, and a spa. The food at their restaurant is delightful and is pretty close to all the attractions that make the Blue Mountains Sydney tour a must for everyone.

Location: 1 Sublime Point Road, Leura NSW 2780, Australia
Cost: INR 10000 per night

Blue Mountains in Australia is a haven for nature lovers. Whether one wants to enjoy the serenity of the valley and breathe in the eucalyptus scent or wants to satisfy the adrenaline rush, Blue Mountains is the place to be in. It is the oldest nature’s pocket that can be enjoyed by both kids and grownups alike. Plan your trip to Australia with Travel Triangle and witness the magical blue hue in the mountains.

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8 Best Restaurants In Christchurch That Will Make You Go Drooling With Delectable Cuisine

If you are looking for excellent restaurants in Christchurch, you have stumbled upon the right place. This place may be riddled with earthquakes but that does not stop it from being a favorite tourist spot in New Zealand. Ever since the 2011 earthquake, the city has been right back to its feet and attracting both the kiwis and the global tourists. It is the milieu of beaches, countryside edifices, and breathtaking sceneries. The city is quite the dynamo when it comes to cuisines – it is the potpourri of different cuisines. You will get to taste the flavors from all over the word along with the local specialties.

you will be spoilt for choice as the city offers a large number of places catering to the taste buds of a foodie. If you are unable to make up your mind then keep reading – we give you a list of restaurants in Christchurch that will appease you.

1. King of Snake for Asian Cuisine

King of Snake for Asian Cuisine

The name sounds like a movie, right? The ambiance of this fine dining restaurant lives up to its movie-like name. The food steals the show though as the traditional Asian food gets an arty twist to them here. Try the sweet and sour pork or the Penang beef cheek curry or even the crispy pressed half duck and be sure to get transported to the Asian lands. The food here solemnly lives up to the rave reviews that people have given to this place over time. The drinks that are served here are amazing as well. If you are taking a trip to Christchurch, a visit here is a must.

Location: 145 Victoria Street, Central Christchurch, Canterbury, 8013 New Zealand.

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2. Twenty Seven Steps for Local Cuisines

Twenty Seven Steps for Local Cuisines

That is one honest name as it takes twenty-seven steps to reach the restaurant. One would be advised to get some reservations as this is among the few 5-star restaurants in Christchurch and is always packed, so better not take that risk. This restaurant provides the delights of New Zealand showcasing the locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Their preparations in lamb, beef, venison, and seafood, once tasted are stuck to your taste buds. Their risotto is known to be outstanding. It is best not to miss out these type of restaurants in Christchurch when you are on a holiday in New Zealand.
Location: 16 New Regent Street, Central Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011 New Zealand

3. Beacon Brothers for Juicy Beacons

Beacon Brothers for Juicy Beacons

Who says the best and tastiest food has to be expensive? If you do not believe that. then that should be another reason for you to go to Beacon Brothers. Being one of the most pocket-friendly and cheap restaurants in Christchurch, they boast that their burgers are the best in the whole of Christchurch! Perhaps they are but that is for you to find out when you visit this establishment located in the trendy parts of Christchurch. A small suggestion would be to try varieties of fries they serve as sides instead of going for the one you are used to having.

Location: 81 High Street, Central Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011 New Zealand

4. Christchurch Tramway Restaurant For Food On Wheels

Christchurch Tramway Restaurant For Food On Wheels

Eat while you take a trip around the city as well – not a bad idea, right? The Christchurch Tramway Restaurant fulfills your wishes aptly. You will find the tram waiting for you at 109 Worcester Stree. This is the only tram – restaurant in the city which is completely air-conditioned and vintage. You obviously would like to book a place on this 36-seater ride. Among the new restaurants in Christchurch 2018, this has been everyone’s hot favorite ever since. It will give you a fabulous dining and site-seeing experience. You will be served a welcome drink, and then a four-course meal with delicacies that will make your desires to come here again stronger. And, of course, there will surely be the traditional servings of tea and coffee to keep your taste buds busy at all times. You must give the Amuse Bouche, the Seared Tuna, and Pudding a definite try.

Location: 109 Worcester Stree.Central Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011 New Zealand

5. Nobanno for the traditional Bengali food

Nobanno for the traditional Bengali food

If you do not have a healthy appetite then do not walk into this restaurant as they spoil you for choices. You will want to taste the next dish on the menu right after having the first one – so you see, a voracious appetite is a must. This is one among the nicest family restaurants in Christchurch that serves you with a cozy atmosphere some of the best Indian curries. The food will make you come here time and again to taste all the delicacies they serve. The menu here is authentic to Bengali cuisine but they have their welcome twists to the dishes. The mango lassi they serve is mouth-watering. Their chicken dishes are to swear by (just check their menu). It is best to get a taste for yourself instead of salivating while reading the article.

Location: 91 Riccarton Rd, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

6. Dimitris for Greek Cuisine


Those in love with the street side Greek platter, take a peek here and then you will see yourself seated at one of the tables, enjoying the dishes you just ordered. For all those tourists out there who are tired after a great day of sightseeing, this is one of the best restaurants in Christchurch that will definitely appease you. Here you will get the authentic street side Greek dishes at very affordable prices. Try the Souvlaki they serve here and you will find yourself swearing by it for quite some time in the near future. Get yourselves knocked off your feet by the mouth-watering food they serve here.

Location: 86 Riccarton Street, Central Christchurch, Canterbury, 8011 New Zealand.

7. Fine- Dining at Chillingworth Road

Fine- Dining at Chillingworth Road

If you want a taste of fine dining in Christchurch and all the finely prepared dishes and appreciate the skills of the chefs, then go for the degustation menus at Chillingworth Road. You can get a taste of all at once and let your taste buds explode at the touch of the finesse and art of the food. You can also get the offerings in the form of five, seven or nine-course meals along with the option of getting extra wine pairings. The pocket pinch is a little high here but what is that compared to the food that pays delicate attention to every detail on your plate, using high – end ingredients to make the taste last in your mouth for a lifetime to come. I suppose it is worth the penny.

Location: 478 Cranford St, Redwood, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand

8. Zen Sushi And Dumpling for the love of Sushi

Zen Sushi And Dumpling for the love of Sushi

Do not let the idea of Zen deceive you. But then again it is a place that worships the sushi and the dumplings. The key to the delicious taste and aroma that sucker punches your nostrils is the fresh ingredients are used to cook each dish and also the sauce of love and dedication generously poured on each dish. Go for any dumpling you want – the traditional pork one, or the one with pork and chives – make it the classic steamed or the naughty pan-fried, or even try the variety of sushi, you will be left with a singular desire – ‘wish I could have some more’.

Location: So, get here at 301 Montreal Street, Christchurch Central Christchurch, Canterbury, 8013 New Zealand to get a taste of dumpling and sushi heaven.

These are the top 8 trending restaurants in Christchurch, waiting for you to take a peek! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Plan a trip to New Zealand and grab your favorite meal, and let us know your review soon! Bon Appetite, Peeps!

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Cape Winelands: A Detailed Guide To The Place Rightly Known As The Pearl Of South Africa

Situated around 40 km right to the east of Cape Town and lies buried underneath a shadow of the cape fold mountains, the Cape Winelands is a continuous belt of beautiful valleys. It’s a collection of beautiful historic towns, farmsteads and little hamlets which provide for the delicious South African wine loved all over the world. These mountains come together to create an unbelievable backdrop for the myriad vines which tangle and untangle on the vineyards, resulting in the famous wine here. Although the name goes as Winelands, there’s a whole lot more to see in Cape Winland, as we will soon discover.

Amazing view

There isn’t a permanent time to visit the Cape Winelands, as each and every season brings something special with it for the town. If you travel during the summers then you can enjoy the summer sunshine along with the wine as you tuck into that alfresco lunch. If winter is your preferred travel time, then you get to cozy up next to a roaring fire with a glass of smooth red wine. As for autumn, it’s all about the splashes of rusty oranges and beautiful yellows which spread all over the vineyards. But if you would much rather come in spring then you will get to witness beautiful panoramic visions of wildflowers populating the surrounding mountains.

So, it isn’t about the season in Cape Winelands, but about which destinations which want to visit along with this one. If you want, start off as Cape Town and then go along the Garden Route coastline then visiting during the summer months of November to April will be ideal for you.

Here is a list of the best things to do while visiting Cape Winelands, take a look!

1. Rasta House: Pay a visit

Rasta House

Cape Winelands destinations are many, but let’s begin with this one. This wooden Rasta home rising up of five stories is a delicacy for the eyes. The house has been in construction for over twenty years and the owner plans on adding more stories. You should definitely go for a tour to this house and having a knowledgeable tour guide will make the experience better.

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2. Oldest Hotel in South Africa: Spend a night

Oldest Hotel in South Africa

At Oude Werf, you will get premium underground parking right in the middle of Stellenbosch. From here you can go through a part of Cape Winelands riding and strolling to see the various bookshops, bistros, art galleries and such in the nook and corners of the city. The hotel since 1802 has hosted a variety of people and with 52 rooms which have marble counters and large walk-in showers, the hotel if luxury resplendent. Sip wine by the warm fire or go to the wine covered courtyard during the summers, there’s ton do here.

3. Audacia Winery: Drink world’s first rooibos wood matured red wine

Audacia Winery

Audacia is popular for hosting the very popular route 44 market, which runs every weekend from 10 am to 4 pm and is full of lively music and a wonderful atmosphere. There’s another thing it is more famous for, and that is the fact that it is the home of the world’s very first preservative and sulphite free, rooibos wood matured wines. It is described as having an intense aroma with a sweet bouquet of roses, cherries, Turkish delight and more.

4. Wors Rolls: Have them right by the fire

Delicious food

Chippa, in Mbekweni, operates a famous Braai and bar spot which is always filled with customers no matter the time of the day or year. You should definitely pay that place a visit to enjoy the boerie rolls right by the fire while you watch an exciting match of cricket with the locals. Don’t forget to cheer for the local team!

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5. Koeksisters and Samoosas: Cook the sweet potatoes

sweet potato

The hanli food here is nothing short of an expression of tradition and culture so a visit to the town will remain incomplete without having a full meal at a local restaurant and learning a little about how to cook the traditional dishes like folding samoosas adding the perfect spices to make the cinnamon and coconut koeksisters.

6. Khayamandi: Taste Morogo and Chakalaka


Khayamandi is a beautiful part of the city doused in emerald. Pay a visit to Mamma Swartbooi, who was a very inspirational figurehead whose father in law was famous for helping the community during the times of apartheid. For this the street is named as Swartbooi Street and if here don’t miss out on a lunch of morogo, fried dumplings, and chakalaka.

7. Paarl: Take an architectural tour

Amazing architecture

Take a Cape Winelands tour with a tour guide and go exploring the secrets of this town Paarl. Learn about the Paarl inhabitants, one who once built a pipe right under the main road that leads from his distillery to his own office. All this, for just an easy glass every day. The tours go on multiple days or a week and don’t visit much more than R100 per person.

8. Wellington Museum: Know about the oral history project


The project aims at documenting the experiences of the Wellington Community who were displaced during the apartheid. Apart from getting valuable insights into the history of Wellington, you will also get to see genuine and amazing Egyptian artifacts, which also includes that ancient scarab beetle seen in the first Mummy movie.

9. 4 Star Retreat: Pamper Yourself

4 Star Retreat

Worrying about Cape Winelands accommodation? Don’t fret, Cascade Manors, situated at Olive Groves is just a ten-minute drive from Paarl. It’s so beautiful that you might think you have stepped into a portal that took you to northern Italy. A hundred-year-old olive Grove is accompanied by a gorgeous and dramatic waterfall. You can relax in the winter spa which is just perfect for that South African weather. Afterward, go for a special olive oil tasting or go for abseil right down the rushing waterfall.

10. Stellenbosch to Jonkershoek: Go on a mountain bike adventure


Take your bike and go on a tour of the town Stellenbosch. Then visit Lanzerac which is a wine farm and enjoy delicious sine and chocolate pairing. If more mountain bike riding is on your mind then the next day take your bike and go on a guided mountain ride to the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. The whole tour last for 5 hours or so and also includes wine tastings, a snacking pack and drinks too. All of it comes with the equipment and cellar tour. It will cost you something around R580-R600 per person.

Natural mountains view

At first, you will have to take a flight from your destination to Cape Town International Airport. From there Cape Winelands is 172.9 km so the shortest path will be to rent a car and go through the N1 to reach Cape Winelands. It will take a little over 2 hours to reach there.

Cape Winelands is a location which doesn’t really pop up on the must-travel list that frequently and that’s the reason why people miss out on the Cape Winelands map, this is a heavenly place which offers a blend of exquisite wine, memorable culture and authentic traditional food to make any traveler’s day. So, plan a trip to South Africa and visit the place for a memorable experience!

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10 Fascinating Mountains In New York That You Can’t Miss Out On Your Trip!

New York, the ‘city that never sleeps’, startles the visitors with its bustling city life and the blinding lights and chaos. But once you get past this, you’ll notice that there are many other things in New York worth exploring. One of the many reasons why people love visiting this state is due is their mountains. New York is home to many ancient and magnificent mountains.

The state itself is surrounded by mountain ranges, which attracts a lot of hikers and campers every year. These mountains in New York offer unique and challenging goals for the hikers. Trails like the Appalachian Trail and Long Path are a must see for all the avid hikers. There are numerous mountains, big and small scattered al throughout the state of New York. So, get the best hiker boots and get set for the most thrilling hike of your life!

The state of New York comprises of many mountains, which are worth visiting. To make your search easier, we have gathered a list of mountains in New York. These are some of the best mountains in New York which you will really love once you visit.

1. Adirondack Mountains

Adirondack Mountains

The Adirondack Mountains lie in the northeastern part of New York State, extending southwards from St. Lawrence River valley up to Mohawk River. The mountain region is outlined in a circular fashion giving it a dome like appearance. The mountain range comprises of numerous peaks, over 40 summits and many foothills. Covered in forests of hemlock, spruces and pines, these forests are home to wildlife like white-tailed deer and black bears. Within these mountains lie various beautiful lakes, gorges, waterfalls, ponds and swamps. If you wish to visit these mountains, then there are many resorts and camping sites that offer accommodations.

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2. Mount Marcy

Mount Marcy in New York

Mount Marcy is the tallest in New York. Mount Marcy has four summit trails and although the hike to the summit is not a challenging one, there are many varied terrains that you need to be mindful of. The Mountain vegetation comprises of some rare Alpine vegetation and the summit boasts of some stunning views of north eastern region of New York. Although, to reach the summit, you might have to hike for 15 miles, but the views from the top are truly remarkable and worth the effort.

3. Whiteface Mountains

Whiteface Mountains view

This 1483 m high mountain is very popular in New York State and is located about ten miles away from Placid Lake. Reaching the summit is also pretty easy. You can almost drive to the top of this mountain, or take an elevator that will drop you at the summit. If you happen to visit this place on a clear, sunny day, then you will be able to see parts of Adirondacks, Vermont and Canada. The mountain is among one of the highest in New York and the top of the mountains offers some of the amazing views and a perfect spot for an Instagram worthy picture.

4. Catskill Mountains

Green Mountains

Catskills Mountains serves as the perfect mountain getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city Catskills Mountains you will find numerous outdoor adventure opportunities. Be it dipping in a stream or a hiking adventure, Catskill Mountains offers everything. Located in between Albany region and New York City, this mountain offers some of the best natural attractions and breathtaking views of waterfalls and picturesque vistas. Not only this, if you are looking for mountain biking in New York, then head to the Catskills Mountains. In the summer months, many resorts in Catskills region offer opportunities for adrenaline pumping activities like zip lining, hiking and mountain biking.

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5. Sugarloaf

Sugarloaf in New York

Sugarloaf Mountains is located in Greene County region of New York. The summit height of this mountain is around 1158 m and you can reach the top via the Pecoy Notch Trail or the Mink Hollow Trail. Both the path are quite steep and not the best hike for beginners. The hike to the summit requires a class 2 hiking level. Nonetheless, the hike to the top offers some stunning views and the hikers are permitted to camp in the Mink Hollow Lean-To or the Roaring Brook Trailhead.

6. Black Head

Black Head in New York

Blackhead Mountains is the fourth highest peak. The summit lies at an elevation of 1063m and is the highest part of the Escarpment trail, which is one of the first hiking trails marked in American history. Although, there are not many views at the mountain itself, but the surrounding outcrops offers some of the most spectacular views of the adjoin mountain ranges. You can access this mountain through two trails, the Big Hollow Trail and Barnum Road. Campers are allowed to stay in the Batavia Kill Lean-To and back country as long as they stay 150 feet away from the trails.

7. Crane Mountain

Crane Mountain in New York

Crane Mountain is another of the famous mountains in New York. This mountain offers some of the best and unique hiking experience. From picking blueberries to relaxing near ponds, hiking in Crane Mountains is a fun experience. The hike to the top of the summit offers some amazing views. The summit, with a lovely pool stocked with fish serves as a perfect camping site too. There are many ways that you can reach to the summit, the prominent ones being a short albeit steep hike including scrambled rock fields and a ladder and the other through the Putnam Trail.

8. Cornell


Cornell Mountains at an elevation of 1176m is another among the tallest peaks in the Catskills ranges and it is also a very popular hike. This mountain is situated between two other peaks, Slide and Wittenberg. The summit offers some spectacular views of these adjoining mountains. These three peaks are set quite close enough that sometimes hikers summit two or all three of these peaks at a time. The hiking trail to this mountain follows through the Burroughs Rough Trail and is a 9.75 miles hike or 14 miles if you go on a loop hike.

9. Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain in New York

Blue Mountains, in the Adirondacks range offers a beautiful hiking experience. The summit is at an elevation of 1146 m and is situated very close to the Adirondacks Museum. The trail to the summit is quite perfect for beginners, making it quite popular among the people, this trail is used frequently by visitors and it is so heavily frequented by people, the trail has eroded in some places, so you need to be watchful of that when you go hiking in this mountain. The mountain allows backcountry camping as long the campers stay at least 150 feet away from the hiking trail. Although there is no risk, but campers are still recommended to use bear canisters while camping in this area.

10. Breakneck Ridge

Mountain and lake view

Situated in the Hudson Highland area, Breakneck Ridge is made of many man made rocky ledges and outcroppings. As you hike higher and higher towards the summit, the mountains become quite solitary. Although the climb to the summit is quite difficult, but the hike is relatively short and once you reach the top, the views of Storm King and Mount Taurus is quite breathtaking.

The State of New York, is full of beautiful mountain ranges that you can go hiking in and enjoy the breathtaking views of nature from the summits of these spectacular mountains. Get packed and book your trip to New York right away!

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Georgia Nightlife: An Handy Guide To Explore The Streets Of The Country After Dark!

The US state of Georgia will take your breath away with the myriad amazing experiences and attractions it has in store for those travelling to this charming southeastern state. Packed into a single state are majestic mountains, quaint towns, vibrant cities, golden sand beaches and magical islands ready to enthrall the discerning traveler. Thrilling hikes up scenic mountain trails, fishing & kayaking in placed lakes or strolling along cobbled-stoned paths exuding old-world charm, whatever your traveler soul seeks is there for you at Georgia.
Those seeking great food, good wine and an exciting nightlife won’t be disappointed either, as Georgia has plenty of those up its sleeve too. In fact Georgia nightlife is not just about great clubs but a wholesome platter of options ranging from superb theatre shows to great live music and so much more. Join us on our night-time wanderings for peek into the best nightlife in Georgia.

If you’re looking out for some good places to drink and groove, then these night clubs will be your perfect retreat.

1. Lava Lounge

Lava Lounge

All those looking for a fun and friendly place for a weekend night out with friends will love the vibes of this cool club. Amongst the top Georgia nightlife clubs, Lava Lounge has great music with different DJ’s on each floor and plenty of good food options to go with your drinks. The bartenders are great too, there’s live music mixing and the upper floor has a VIP lounge. Just leave your inhibitions behind, put on your dancing shoes and have a whale of a time.

Location: 57 13th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA
Opening Hours: 9PM-3AM (Thurs-Sat); 4-11:45PM (Sun)

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2. Opera Atlanta

Opera Atlanta

Located in the 1920s opera house, this iconic nightclub features in so many Georgia nightlife photos for its awesome setting and amazing music. The celebrity-studded club regularly hosts internationally renowned DJs and electronic sets like David Guetta, LMFAO and Paul Oakenfold making it a top-runner amongst Georgia nightlife options. You can dance away the night in different rooms playing varied genre of music, with great bar selection and delicious food.

Location: 1150 Crescent Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA
Opening Hours: 10PM-3AM (Fri-Sat)

3. Hole In The Wall

Hole In The Wall

The electrifying music and fun atmosphere of the place makes it a huge hit amongst the younger crowd. Along with a huge dance floor and live music, there are multiple large bars for easy drinks access and hookah service too. Wednesdays have a special $2 beer offer, while weekends are packed with the party-all-night crowd.

Location: 3177 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA
Opening Hours: 9PM-2:30AM (Mon-Sat)

If you’re looking for places where you can have a great time with your peer group and laugh your heart out, then these comedy clubs are waiting for you.

1. Laughing Skull Lounge

Laughing Skull Lounge

This fantastic comedy theatre with an intimate setting and great stand-up shows and open mic nights is one of the hidden gems of Georgia nightlife. Irrespective of the night or lineup, their comedy shows are outstanding. Grab a drink from the well-stocked bar, sit back and let the good times roll with some great laughs.

Location: 878 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA
Opening Hours: 7:30-11PM (Mon-Wed); 7:30PM-12AM (Thurs-Sat); 6:30-11PM (Sun)

2. The Basement Theatre

The Basement Theatre

The cosy & fun atmosphere is just perfect to witness some outstanding comedy shows at this popular Georgia nightlife venue. Whether you visit it for a date or with family, the shows are sure to make your day special. Reasonably priced beer, wine and themed cocktails add to fun quotient of the place.

Location: 175 W Wieuca Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342, USA
Opening Hours: 6-11 PM (Mon-Thurs); 6-11:30 PM (Fri-Sat)

3. The Punchline Comedy Club

The Punchline Comedy Club

If you’re in the mood for some knockout stand-up comedy performances then Punchline is the place to be in. The intimate setting, late night shows and a well-stocked bar are just perfect for a fun-filled night in the city. The efficient table service allows you to enjoy casual eats & great drinks while you laugh your heart out.

Location: 3652 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30342, USA

Another worthy entry to this list is the Georgia Magic Theatre at Peachtree City which offers one-of-its-kind triple dose of magic, mentalism and clean comedy by magician Peter Morrison.

Enjoy the fine taste of brewed beer at these places in Georgia while getting the vibe of the Georgia nightlife.

1. The Porter Beer Bar

The Porter Beer Bar

There’s no way you can miss this Georgia nightlife venue with its funky decor and phenomenal beer collection. You can choose from a huge slection of draft beers and canned/bottled varieties and pair them with inventive gourmet pub food. Choose from their special menu from some lovely food surprises like Sriracha Chili Wings and Pumpkin ravioli.

Location: 1156 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, USA

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2. Torched Hop Brewing Company

Torched Hop Brewing Company

This spacious brewpub with bocce court setting is one hip place to chill out at night with some great house beer and guest taps for company. The food offers a delicious twist to traditional bar grub and the atmosphere is perfect to unwind with your buddies. The cool interiors and decor plus an N64 with decent game selection makes it an all-out fun spot.

Location: 249 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA

3. Brick Store Pub, Decatur

Brick Store Pub

This legendary pub in a quiet town near Atlanta is a great place to unwind and sample Georgia nightlife at its best on a late night beer and snack trip. The place exudes old-world charm and offers an enviable selection of beers, from draft to bottled varieties. The food, service and atmosphere are outstanding, and so is the Belgian Bar upstairs.

Location: 125 E Court Square, Decatur, GA 30030, USA

Experience the magical vibe of the Georgia nightlife while enjoying your drink at these live music venues.

1. Eddie’s Attic

Eddie's Attic

Tucked away in the artist-friendly town of Decatur is this popular music venue that offers an unforgettable experience to music lovers. The intimate setting, great sound and fantastic performances by both aspiring and acclaimed artists make this a truly unique musical experience. Reasonably priced drinks and food served at your tables make it even more enjoyable.

Location: 515 N McDonough St, Decatur, GA 30030, USA

2. Tabernacle


This wonderful music venue with superior acoustics is one of the best places to catch some phenomenal live music which is such an essential component of Georgia nightlife. The intimate setting, superb decor, friendly service and plenty of bars to choose from are the highlights of this popular place.

Location: 152 Luckie St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA

3. Blind Willie’s

Blind Willie's

The live music hot spot is a great choice for blues and jazz fans to catch up on talented artists from across the country. The atmosphere is just right, the staff warm and welcoming and the food and drinks perfect for a lovely musical evening in the city.

Location: 828 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306, USA
Another live music venue that must be added to your list of Georgia nightlife spots is 37 Main Buford is, with fantastic performance by local rock bands as well as touring musicians.

Go beyond the party scenes and explore these unusual things in the nightlife

1. Sleepover at the Aquarium

Sleepover at the Aquarium

One of the largest aquariums in the world not only promises a wonderful day put with family but also serves as a unique Georgia nightlife venue for a once in a lifetime experience. The sleepover option allows you to enjoy special tours and night time activities before you can choose a place to sleep near a gallery window.

Location: 225 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

2. Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour

Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour

The brave hearts can head out for a spooky and thrilling Georgia nightlife adventure in the State’s most haunted city of Savannah. A pub crawl with a great guide and spooky stories for company make for a memorable experience.

3. The Painted Pin

The Painted Pin

A sophisticated hangout place that offers innovative cocktails and a vintage style 20-alley bowling area sure finds a place in the list of hip Georgia nightlife options. There are complimentary games like bocce ball, ping pong and dart to add to the fun, as well as superb craft cocktails and delicious food bites. The live music over weekends draws great crowd to the dance floor, so this is one complete entertainment package.

Location: 737 Miami Cir NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, USA

When we talk of Georgia tourism, nightlife in the major cities and the numerous options to explore them once the sun goes down also hold great allure for tourists visiting the state for its numerous attractions. Whether it’s the day hours or night time, Georgia sparkles and shines. So, be part of this craziness by customizing your Europe holiday with TravelTriangle!

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Skydiving In Dubai: An Ultimate Guide For The Adrenaline Junkies To Take That Dive In The Sky!

Dubai with its ambitious and construction projects have transformed itself so much that it tops almost every travelers’ bucket list. If you are a travel enthusiast, you definitely cannot miss out on visiting this desert beauty. Not only the magnificent architecture, but Dubai has a lot more to offer, especially if you are an adventure traveler you can go for skydiving in Dubai. All the skydiving locations in Dubai is operated by Skydive Dubai, an organization that holds multiple Guinness World Records.

Now if you are wondering, is skydiving in Dubai Safe? Then let me tell you, Skydive Dubai has an excellent reputation when it comes to the safety of the individuals. You will interact with professional experts and you’ll be in absolutely safe hands of experienced skydivers.
So if you are all in for a thrilling adventure of a lifetime, here in this elaborative guide we will discuss in detail about skydiving in Dubai and other important things one must know before heading to this marvelous city!

There are basically two types of Skydiving that you can take part in while in Dubai. Outdoor skydiving or indoor skydiving, you can go for any of these as per your preference. We will discuss a little bit in detail about these forms of skydiving and offer you with some valuable insight, so that you can make your choice accordingly.

1. Outdoor Skydiving

Outdoor Skydiving

If you want the real deal, like the ones you so often see in television and Instagram videos then you should go for Outdoor skydiving. In outdoor skydiving you are taken in a flight up to quite a height and then you jump with all the security measures properly secured in place. Most of the first timers and newbies choose to go for tandem skydiving, where you are fastened tightly to a professional instructor and in case you have a skydiving license you can definitely go for a solo jump.

The Dubai skydiving takes place in two locations where you are taken to a flight of around 13,000 ft. from ground level and you are strapped securely to an expert instructor and then you take the leap of a lifetime over the desert land. The entire dive experience is recorded by a professional videographer who will accompany you on your dive, while you spread your wings and pretend to fly!

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2. Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is a comparatively new concept but this too, has gained popularity all around the world. Indoor skydiving includes a vertical tunnel where free fall conditions are recreated with the help of various simulations.This form of skydiving is perfect for individuals who are trying out the skydiving experience for the first time, without any potential risk involved.

Compared to outdoor skydiving, indoor skydiving costs a lot less and in a short time, you can experience the simulation of an actual skydive. Even children above the age of 2 years can go for an indoor skydiving experience.You can choose indoor skydiving in Dubai to get the simulated experience of an actual skydive or give your young ones the experience of a lifetime with indoor skydiving in Dubai.

Skydiving in Dubai takes place in two exotic locations, Desert Campus drop zone and Palm drop zone, both managed by Skydive Dubai, one of the leading companies for skydiving.

1. Desert Campus Zone

Desert Campus Zone

This location is situated at the outskirts of Dubai and it hosts both experienced skydivers and
first timers. The desert is absolutely stunning and when you take the dive, you will meet with breathtaking views of the sand dunes, the wide desert that leads up to the stunning Dubai skyline. You will mesmerized by the breathtaking views and this thrilling adventure will forever be stamped in your mind.

Not only skydiving, the desert drop zone also boasts of one of the largest outdoor skydiving
school in the entire world where you can take courses to become a professional skydiver.

2. Palm Drop Zone

Palm Drop Zone

It is a premium skydiving location in Dubai. The jump takes place above the magnificent Palm Jamaica and you get some stunning views of the Palm Islands and the Dubai skyline along with bird’s eye view of prominent locations like Ain Dubai, Atlantis hotel, Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Marina.

Skydiving is quite an expensive sport, costing a few thousand dollars for a single jump but skydiving cost in in Dubai for the entire skydiving experience in Palm Drop is around 2199 AED. The skydiving price in Dubai is equivalent to 45,000 rupees in Indian currency. There are also many skydiving offers in Dubai going throughout the peak seasons.

3. iFly Dubai

iFly Dubai

If you wanna go for indoor skydiving, iFly Dubai is your spot. The double vertical wind tunnel at iFly takes you to a whole new level of simulated, gravity defying skydiving experience.
The tunnels are 10 meter long surrounded by acrylic glass. Your security is totally ensured with high degree safety measures. The experienced instructors are there to guide you while you take flight in this controlled environment and enjoy to your fullest.

  • You need to be at least 18 years of age.
  • You need to carry your passport, driver’s license, valid photo ID card as well as Emirates ID.
  • The BMI along with your clothing and shoes should be 27.5 or less and weight 90 kg or less for women and BMI 30 or less and body weight 100 kgs or less for Men.

Some Pro Tips For First Time Skydivers

If you are a newbie, when it comes to skydiving then take a look at these tips for first time skydivers. These tips will help you enjoy your experience to the fullest and prepare you for what is about to come.

  • You need to be well nourished before you go for a dive. A dive in an empty stomach is definitely not a fun experience to remember. Get yourself a healthy breakfast before you head out for your first skydiving experience. Also make sure that you don’t over eat, the idea is to be energized and nourished for this awesome experience.
  • A good night’s sleep is very necessary. You don’t want to start this exciting experience with an exhausted body and a tired mind. So get some nice hours of sleep before the day of the adventure.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Ditch your sandals and shirts for another day. Choose athletic wear that is comfortable and suitable for the purpose.
  • Be patient and prepared to wait. Skydiving depends greatly on the weather and the officials at Skydive Dubai are constantly monitoring the weather. So in case the weather turns a little unfavorable, it might take a little longer than you expect, so be prepared to wait.
  • Skydiving doesn’t require you to be a pro athlete, if you have a seemingly average weight and live a moderately healthy lifestyle, you are good to go.
  • Finally, just breathe and jump! Enjoy your first diving experience to the optimum.

If you are an adventure enthusiast and your adrenaline level kicks of just by thinking about any adventure than skydiving is definitely the sport for you. Skydiving makes your heart skip beats and the experience simply gives you the chance to fly like a free bird! So, if you the mere thought skydiving excites you, then make sure to customize your Dubai holiday with TravelTriangle!

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The Blue Train: All About The Most Luxurious Train In The World!

The luxury blue train is operated by Luxrail which is a division of the Transfer Freight Rail, it is South Africa’s national railway operator. The famed Blue Train covers an approximate distance of 900 miles or 1,600 km journey between Pretoria and Cape Town in South Africa . It is definitely one of the most luxurious train journeys in the world and boasts of two lounge cars one for smoking and the other nonsmoking, a butler service, an observation deck, and car and more faculties which speak luxury. The service is even promoted as a magnificent and moving five-star hotel. From presidents to Kings, everyone has taken a ride on this magnificence.

The train travels at a speed of up to 56 mph or 90 km/hr. Routes of blue train include:

1. Pretoria To Cape Town

Pretoria To Cape Town

The route from Pretoria to Cape Town is a 1,600 km (994 miles) and 31- hour long journey through diverse and splendid scenery which the African subcontinent can possibly offer.

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2. Pretoria To Kruger National Park

Pretoria To Kruger National Park

This luxury Train also travels to the Limpopo province of South Africa, which houses the Kruger National Park that is one of the best game parks of the world. It is home to the Continent’s big five. These are 19-hour journeys which take place on specially selected months of the year and give passengers an opportunity to experience some amazing new rail safari combination packages along with the private safari lodges that are found in the Sabi Sands and Greater Kruger area.

The first train that runs can accommodate 74 guests along with 37 suites. The second train can fit in 58 guests in its 29 suites and it also has an observation car at the very back end of the express.

Facilities Offered In The Blue Train

  • Rooms
    The rooms consist of individually controlled air conditioning, DVD player, remote controlled television, hairdryers, and room-safes. The television monitor is hidden above the wardrobe.
  • Wifi
    There is free Wi-Fi throughout the entire train and it is complimentary.
  • Safes
    There are safes in all of the suites. Each and every precaution possible is taken, but the train can’t be held liable for items which are unattended in suites.
  • Telephone service
    There is a telephone in the suite which allows passengers to dial the assigned Butler or manager for the whole day, 24 hours. If you have to make an external call them to contact the train manager or your Butler.
  • Dining
    All snacks and meals are included in the fare and if passengers are in need of snacks then they should contact their Butler. Lunch and dinner are generally served in two sittings while the breakfast will be when you want to have it.
  • Dress Code
    There is a dress code for evenings where ladies are requested to wear something elegant while the vents are requested to suit you are with a jacket and tie. The dress code for other meals is casual.
  • Lounges
    The lounge car is a meeting place for a post or pre-lunch guests and also for drinks. Apart from this, afternoon tea is also served in the lounge, but if passengers want a cigar or cognac then the club car is ideal.
  • Drinks
    The bar is opened as soon as the train begins its journey and it closes after the last guest leaves. All drinks are included in the fare except for some imported beverages which passengers can purchase from their butlers.
  • Smoking
    There are special cars and suites where smoking is allowed and the club car is one of them. Passengers can contact their butler to know about the smoking spots.
  • First Aid
    For any medical emergencies contacts your Butler. There is always a first aid kit in the train.
  • Technicians
    There are two technicians who travel on the train for maintenance and for any other unforeseen electrical or other problems which may arise in the functioning of the train in the midst of a journey. All if it is done to ensure that passengers are as comfortable as possible.
  • Security
    The security of blue train is one of the best which can be afforded. There are guards on the train who are charged with the safety of the passengers so that you can travel carefree.

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Schedule And Price

The blue train prices and schedule of the blue train are as follows for per person sharing:

Low Season Fares

Pretoria to Cape Town and Cape Town to Pretoria
From 1 January- 31 August and from 16 November to 31 December

• De Luxe Suite- 18’405.00R
• Luxury Suite- 23’050.00R

High Season Fares

From Pretoria to Cape Town and from Cape Town to Pretoria
1 September to 15 November

• De Luxe Suite- 22’715.00R
• Luxury Suite- 28’690.00R

For a Single Adult who is traveling alone just add up 50% to the above rates.

Tips for travelling

There are some travel tips which should be kept in mind while traveling in the Blue Train:

• Remember that the train isn’t responsible for any luggage left unattended.
• Carry valuables in a carryable bag so as to keep it safe with you.
• The cost of external calls or faxes are not included with the amount of the fare, so keep this in mind.
• If you have any queries don’t hesitate to call the train manager for any information you need.
• Carry your visas, there are assigned personnel who will help you out with this.
• Carry identification and other official documents pertaining to travel and booking as well.
• Follow the evening dress code.

The Blue Train is luxury incarnate. It is like being back in the days of the old with all the sumptuous luxury that came with it. From the drinks to the cigars and from the food to the service, you will feel like you have stepped back into time into an era now forgotten. All of this combined with the scenic beauty of the place will surely increase your excitement for being here and will end up making your South Africa vacation, one of the most memorable trips of your life.

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Spend Langorous Evenings At Cua Dai Beach In Vietnam Which Is No Less Than A Heaven

Located to the northeast of Hoi An in Cam An ward, Cua Dai Beach is at the intersection of Thu Bon River, Truong Giang River, and De Vong River before pouring into the South China Sea. It has the alluring three kilometers stretched white sandy shores and clear blue sea water with tender waves. It has the paradise view for a seaside relaxation from all hectic lives. Cua Dai Beach has water current which is gentle enough for swimming and floating around. Because of the monsoon cycles in Southeast Asia, swimming is really safest from April through October. There are places like huts made for you to change and get comfortable for the beach. There is not much residential around with countably few bungalows.

If you are imagining to have a vacation with your family or alone for some calming time with yummy foods and chilling cocktails, then this place assures you for satisfying your vacation feels. Cua Dai beach restaurants have the best seafood with very refreshing cocktails and drinks. It is always a good idea to have a good swim or take a nice sunbath and then find some tasty food to fill your hunger and thirst which are served directly by the vendors which are lined up around the shoreline. There are many other beaches in Vietnam but such amazing coastal shore and crystal blue seas are found particularly in Cua Dai beach Vietnam.

Exploring The Cua Dai Beach In Vietnam

With its long and wide geography, this beach offers a private spot for everybody and can stay for as long as they want in the shade of plenty of palm trees lined around. The vendors around definitely have a lot of offers for you to buy souvenirs, foods, drinks and many more if you are looking for a good deal to purchase items to take back home as a gift or as memorable pieces as well. It always a good idea to visit the beach at sunrise for a morning freshening swim and to see the fishing boats to catch the fishes to sell to the restaurants later. In the day, the good sunbath under a palm tree is promising as you don’t have to worry about your body spending a lot of time in the sun.

However, to complete;y ponder upon the beauty of the Cua Dai Beach, voyagers should go for a walk on the shoreline around evening time. Night resembles a light garden with hurricane lights of vendors and with the moon and stars shining, it’s like a movie scene along with the sound of the waves, the place is just so much blissful. One can also enjoy some seafood for dinner. The seafood here is very fresh and different. The ones which are popular here are: salted crab roasted, baked clams with lemon salt, steamed red snapper, grilled tiger prawns and steamed millet. These delectable dishes can be enjoyed with famous wine-Phuoc Trach and vegetables-Tra Que to delight your trip even more.

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Restaurants and Hotels At Cua Dai Beach

There are plenty of restaurants out there near the beach with the best reviews that serve different types of cuisines. Cua Dai beach restaurants and cafes have menus that can satisfy the hunger of the visitor by serving from European to the Caribbean or from French to Australian. Some very close and famous restaurants are La Petite Pâtisserie, Phuong Thinh, The Old Man Restaurant & Bar, Mama Ly etc. You can also get yummy cakes and soups if you feel like them. Not to forget, the drinks are considered to be magnificent.

Also, there are multiple hotels from which some are very affordable whereas some are very luxurious. Lots of them considered being excellent with great food and facilities. Moreover, people have also reviewed how kind and accommodating the staff are. They are pretty close to the beach so you can visit whenever your heart wants to. Cua Dai beach hotels also have pools and great scenery of beach and rivers that’ll just make your stay magnificent. Waking up to the sound of the waves and top notch staff welcoming you and helping you throughout the stay is just the best kind of facility you expect from a hotel.

These hotels listed below are some pretty expensive hotels in comparison to other hotels there but with great reviews:

1.Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort and Spa(0.7 km from the Cua Dai Beach)
2. Boutique Hoi An Resort(0.7 km from the Cua Dai Beach)
3.Palm Garden Beach Resort and Spa(0.4 km from the Cua Dai Beach)
4. Silk Sense Hoi An River Resort(0.4 km from the Cua Dai Beach)

Cua Dai Beach After Erosion

There was a lot of discussions about if the Cua Dai Beach was disappearing after the erosion. The Cua Dai Beach erosion has been expected since 2004 but it has increased in recent years. It certainly has damaged some parts of the ocean that cannot be considered even walkable but the condition has improved very nicely as the locals have also supported in preserving it. The locals have used sandbags to protect whereas the resorts have built their own rock walls and breakwaters. There has been a lot of construction work going on lately to make the most out of what is remaining. Well, it is not that disastrous as it may sound, but this has definitely affected in the number of visitors and also the rates of hotels and restaurants have gone a little down. There are still many visitors enjoying around the beach and supporting the people there as much. The government is also doing best on its part for the betterment of the place as soon as possible. The palm trees still stand long and tall providing the best pictures and shades, one can literally choose a tree to rest upon.

Best Time To Visit Cua Dai Beach

The weather here is pretty hot normally during the dry season but the beach is only fun in the sun and it makes it all cool. Hoi An is a city that is commanded by a wet (storm) season and a dry season with little in the between. The dry season from February through May brings bunches of mellow warm climate combined with low stickiness, this is thus a period of time the travel is in its top in Hoi An so it may be worth booking ahead for your outing. Things get steadily hotter with temperatures hitting 38°C in July, developing to a season change in September. The yearly rainstorm conveys a lot of rain to the territory with consistent showers ensured basically consistently from September to January. Flooding is typical amid this time with substantial rain hitting in October, typhoons are also not considered unusual amid the rainstorm season. As the rain moseys and temperatures chill off to somewhere in the range of 19°C and 24°C in December, this makes for a pleasant visit with fewer travelers around, despite the fact that you may need to bring a light coat for the cooler nighttimes. Around February to April, there is low rainfall, making these months a great time to visit. If you are around the beach a lot, then time around June perfect to visit beaches as the days are more sunny and hot.

It is only about 5 km West-North from the centre of Hoi An ancient town. From Hoi An ancient town – follow Cua Dai street – to the last stop of the road is Cua Dai Beach. To get to Cua Dai, straight take a fly into Danang International Airport then catch a cab. It takes around 30 minutes to reach to the beach and if you are taking the route from Hoi An then the taxi should take no more than 10 minutes.

If you are looking for a relaxing place in Hoi An where you can enjoy the wondrous views of the ocean, make sure you spend a splendid evening at Cua Dai Beach during your backpacking trip in Vietnam .

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Camino De Santiago: A Detailed Guide To The Stunning Ancient Pilgrimage!

Walking the Camino De Santiago is nothing less than a lifetime experience. This is a unique experience that tourists from all over the world come to absorb. The area filled with only positive energy. Here you get the chance to meet like-minded people with whom you can spread the word of friendship. Walking through some of the most beautiful surroundings and breathing in nature gives you a life-changing experience.

Many tourists are known to have boasted moments of creativity, sheer clarity and calm while walking the Camino. There is more than one single route to the Camino. If you are planning to live the most epic walk of your life to Camino De Santiago then refer to the guide below in order to get an idea about the important details about this ancient pilgrimage tour. you can also get a good idea about the Camino de Santiago distance by different routes as well.

Beautiful Amazing Statue

Famed as the Way of Saint James in English in Galicia in Spain. According to the tradition, it is believed that the remains of the saint are buried there. visitors from all over the world come to pay their respects and experience divinity at this place. For many, the way to Camino de Santiago is the path of spirituality. However, the area is also quite popular among hikers, organized tour groups and cyclists. This ancient pilgrimage has its roots in the 9th century and it still attracts numerous people from all across the world.

There is more than one route to Camino De Santiago. The numbers of Camino de Santiago routes are actually beyond the scope of this guide. However, the main routes include.

1. Camino Frances

Camino Frances

This is perhaps the most popular route for a reason. The route is filled with good infrastructure and beautiful scenery which makes it an enjoyable walk.

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2. Camino Del Norte

Beach view

Along the northern coast of Spain, the route is known to start in Irun which is on the border with France and continues through west Bilbao Santander and Oviedo. It will take you around 35 days to complete this 510 miles long pathway.

3. Camino Portuguese

Beautiful place

In comparison to the other routes, the Camino Portuguese has lesser hills and the path is mostly flat. The route is known to start from Lisbon and travels through Porto and Pontevedra. The route is estimated to be 380 miles long. The infrastructure along the way is quite reasonable.

4. Via De la Plata

Amazing place

The word ‘plate’ in the name is derived from an Arabic word meaning, ‘wide surface road.’ Most of the route is known to follow the old Roman road from Seville. For the ones who are interested in Roman history can actually opt for this route. This is also the longest route through Spain. The route is estimated to be 620 miles long. The route passes through Merida, Salamanca, Caceres, Zamora and other cities as well.

5. Camino Ingles

Leaves on ground

This Y shaped route can be walked down in their days. This route is usually opted by the English pilgrims who arrive by a boat from Britain. They are known to start their walk from either Ferrol a Coruna. However, from Ferol, it will take you around 5 days to complete the route as it is 70 miles.

6. Camino Primitivo

Camino Primitivo

This is perhaps the most direct route that you can take from Oviedo to Santiago. This route is known to re-join the Camino Frances about 40 miles from Santiago. The route is about 180 miles long and also challenging as well. If you choose to take this route then you should be informed that you will have to deal with a lot of hill climbing. Not only that, but even the weather may get very erratic.

Camino Santiago

  • 1. At the end of the pilgrim, you receive the pilgrim certificate which is known as Compostela. You get this certificate only if you have completed 62 miles or more on foot. You are also entitled to a Compostela if you are a non-Catholic and still did the pilgrimage due to any spiritual reason. However, if your goals are non-spiritual then you receive only a plain certificate.
  • 2. The two pilgrim’s accommodation stops are Albergues and Refugios. These accommodations are run by the church town councils, private for-profit groups and non-profit organizations. You can avail cheap beds in dorm room along with mattresses. You can also avail hotel like rooms if you want.
  • 3. The pilgrim passport known as the credential is issued by different Camino friendly organizations. Each Refugio and albergue are known to have their own stamp which is provided each night. This credential is important for you to stay in the pilgrim accommodations. Also, you need the complete record of stamps in order to receive your Compostela.
  • 4. Accommodations are given according to first come first serve basis. However, the first preference is given to the walkers than to the horse riders and then to the cyclists.

The best time to walk the Camino De Santiago route is during the months of April, May, June, and September. The weather during these months is generally warm and the routes don’t stay busy as the main summer months.
The cost of Camino De Santiago may vary depending on the route that you are taking. The cost may go high if you choose a longer route whereas if you opt for a shorter route then the cost will obviously be low. However, an estimated cost for the total trip is around 37 euros per person per day which is a total of 1,110 euros.


  • The clothing and the technical gear that you are required to carry depends on the season you are planning to take the pilgrimage. However, you should pack a bag with a bit of food and water. Your bag should not weigh more than 15 percent of your total body weight.
  • You should put your passport, credential and other important documents in a waterproof bag.
  • You should also carry a lot of toiletries excluding make-up of course. Soap and sunscreen is a must.
  • You also need to carry a small first aid kit along with you for any unseen incidents.
  • Other things like a torchlight, comfortable hiking shoes, and a few electronics are required to be carried. You can bring along your cell phone and camera.

If you are planning for a trip to Spain then you can take help from this guide. The most important thing is choosing the right route. Make sure that you choose a route that is convenient for you.

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