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Glacier Express: Everything You Need To Know About The Dream Rail Ride In Nature’s Lap

Express trains are touted to be faster than most other types of trains running on the line. It also offers a level of comfort to its passengers which other types of trains seldom do. While there aren’t that many in numbers when compared to local ones, but people generally board them to reach their destinations faster. But what if there was an express which ran slower like a local train, but with the comfort of an express train, through beautiful scenic locations- that might be something people who want to take a break from the usual bustle of society and daily life to enjoy a few hours in the lap of nature might think about. If that’s what you have been wondering about too, there’s an express train made for you: It’s called the Glacier Express.

About Glacier Express

The express train we will talk about here is the Glacier Express or GEX as it is sometimes called. It is a popular express train which connects the railway stations of two of the most major mountain resorts- Zermatt and St. Moritz which is situated right in the center of the beautiful Swiss Alps. This express is operated jointly by two of the private Swiss railways- the Rhätische Bahn (RhB) and the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB). During winters this service dries up as there is only one Glacier train per day in each direction but the number ratchets up to three per day during the summers.

Glacier Express speed isn’t much, the train isn’t said to be express because of its high speed but because it provides it’s passengers with one sear rode for an eight-hour long journey and it also discards all the stops made by the local trains. Actually, the Glacier Express train is known as the slowest one in the whole world. It actually takes 7.5 hours to cover a distance of 180 miles or 290 km since it gallops at a speed of about 24 mph. But this train isn’t for those who want to reach their destination fast, but for those whole want to take in the beauty of the cold and yet stunning Swiss Alps. The spectacular scenery which passengers can witness from the train’s specially made panoramic sightseeing windows as they have delicious lunch will take anyone’s breath away.

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The scenic Glacier Express route will take you through three cantons of beautiful Valais Uri and Graubünden while offering varied and equally stunning panoramic views. Eight hours of pure pleasure for your eyes.

Here are some places you will be able to witness:

• St. Moritz- It is the most elegant and spectacular holiday resort in Switzerland.
•The Alpine villages of Zermatt which offers awe-inspiring views of the world-renowned Matterhorn.
• The Albula Line, which comes with Landwasser and Solis viaducts along with Spiral Tunnels.
• The Grand Canyon of Switzerland called the Rhine Gorge.

The express train begins its journey from Zermatt right at the dead end of Mattertal, which is an Alpine valley and is located right below that of Matterhorn at an elevation of 5,269 feet or 1,606 meters. Then it depends into the huge valley called Valais present in Brig. After that, the train chugs along 181 miles or 291 km long journey which takes it through the beautiful center of the gorgeous Swiss Alps, over a massive 291 bridges and through 91 dark tunnels. The express then makes a stopover at Andermatt on a secluded high Alpine Valley before traversing to the highest point present on the Oberalp Pass at 6,670 feet or 2,033 meters. Then it descends to the lowest point at 585 meters or 1,919 feet at Chur. From there, the next destination is the capital of Graubünden. The Glacier, then reaches higher altitudes again and backtracks to reach the St. Moritz resort in a valley further to the south.


The modern Glacier Express makes use of modern coaches with offer a full panoramic experience to its travelers. The train is clean, carpeted, air-conditioned and comfortable to travel on. But there’s more, it offers:

  • It’s most distinctive and attractive features are the humongous panoramic side windows along with the glass skylights as well, so that you don’t miss out on anything spectacular.
  • 2nd Class: Seats are arranged in a structure of bays with 4 seats around a table and on each side of the aisle. There are 48 seats in here.
  • 1st Class: There are bays which consist of 4 seats around a table on one side of the aisle and then there are bays which are made up of 2 seats across a table from one another. There are 36 seats in here.
  • The difference is just in space and per passengers each coach, but the seats are similar and there isn’t really any significant difference between the two classes as they are both excellent.
  • Food and Dining: The staff will come down the train taking orders for snacks, lunch, and drinks. The meal will be complete with starters, the main course, desserts, and wine. You can even pre-book a complete meal which will be served to you in real china and with all the proper tablecloth and cutlery. There are sample menus and wine list at their caterer’s website. You can also bring your own picnic and wine here as well.
  • Other facilities: You can listen to an audio guide in various languages like French, German, English, Chinese, Japanese or Italian. There are also tow music channels you can listen to if you get bored.

Schedule And Price

• During the winter months there is only one Glacier Express per day from Zermatt to St. Moritz. But during the months of May to October, there are up to three trains daily in each direction.
• The train will run in Summer 2019 from 11 May to 13 October. Summer trains 904 & 905 will start running from 19 April 2019.
• In winters it will run from 9 December 2018 to 10 May 2019.
• Trains 902 & 903 run every day all year round except 15 Oct to 9 Dec 2018.
• There is no Glacier Express running from 15 October to 8 December 2018 or even from 14 October until early December 2019.
• You can change trains at Filisur, using the hourly branch line train between Filisur & Davos.

Cost Of Glacier Express

The glacier express is aimed at tourists for sure but it is also a real, scheduled train. So ordinary swiss rail tickets can be used on it. But you will have a supplement in addition to the normal fare rate for the seat reservation. You can also add a supplement for lunch.
Glacier Express booking of fares:
Zermatt – St Moritz, basic fare:
• 152 CHF (€135) for 2nd class, one-way
• 268 CHF (€237) for 1st class, one-way
Glacier Express reservation fee:
(to be paid in addition to the basic fare or rail pass)
• 43 CHF (€38) from mid-June to mid-Sept
• 33 CHF (€29) from spring & autumn
• 23 CHF (€21) for winter
Cost of lunch (optional):
• 30 CHF (€27) for Plate of the Day.
• 43 CHF (€38) for 3-course lunch.
Children under 6 go free, children aged 6 to 16 pay half fare, but must pay the adult supplement.

Best Season To Visit

• Any season is the best if the sky is clear. In October the beautifully colored trees make for a special experience.
• Winters are special because of the huge amounts of snow which give the Oberalp pass a beautiful shimmering look.
• The spring season from April to June offers a beautiful combination of both snow covered mountains and green valleys.

For Disabled people:

• If you are a wheelchair user then keep note that there is a wheelchair compartment as well as a suitable toilet in the 1st class section of each and every express.
• Seat reservations are mandatory for wheelchair users and any accompanying people. Wheelchair users travel in 1st class for the price or a 2nd class ticket.
• Make sure to specifically request seat 11 at the ticket counter and do this at least 24 hours before the trip.
• Carry your identification with you.


• Since food is served at the seats so animals can’t come aboard the express.

The Glacier Express offers luxury combined with the opportunity to see the beauty of the Swiss Alps at your own leisure. It’s an experience which keeps on giving everytime you climb on the train. Now, don’t think too much and plan a trip to Switzerland to experience the facilities of the train.

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11 Things To Do In Cartagena That Will Keep You Intrigued Through The Trip

The city of Cartagena, referred to in the pilgrim time as Cartagena de Indias, is a noteworthy port established in 1533, situated on the northern shoreline of Colombia in the Caribbean Coast Region. It was deliberately situated between the Magdalena and Sinú waterways and turned into the principle port for exchange among Spain and its abroad realm, building up its significance by the mid 1540s. Amid the frontier time it was a key port for the fare of Peruvian silver to Spain and for the import of oppressed Africans under the asiento framework. It was solid against privateer assaults in the Caribbean. It is the capital of the Bolívar Department, and had a populace 971,592 as of 2016. It is the fifth-biggest city in Colombia and the second biggest in the area, after Barranquilla.

Do you want to escape to a fantasy with horse drawn carriages, glimmering beaches, and a city of rich history? If the answer is yes, then the City of Cartagena may be the ideal place for you. As you make your way around the city, you will be charmed by the cobblestone streets, colorful colonial buildings and shimmering beaches. So let me tell you a few things to do while in Cartagena.

1. Playa de Castillo Grande

Playa de Castillo Grande

Getting good fun with great moments is one of the best thing, one can have while on any visit. The place is a good one to visit when all you want to do is absorb some good beachy vibes while being on an exquisite vacation! The place will make you feel the God has created everything very beautiful and it comes to those, who does some good work in order to receive it, like one of the works being engaged in bringing self to this place.

Location: Calle 5 cra 9 esquina, Cartagena, Colombia
Rating: 4 out of 5
Contact: 000-0800-100-6999

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2. Exclusive Full-Day Trip on the Islands, Cholon and Gente de Mar from Cartagena

Exclusive Full-Day Trip On The Island

The place is full of good vibes and many activities which yu can be undertaking. The place is surely it up in all the things, you could possibly find happening in this one. The kind of music, vibes and the decorations found here are really cool to help you, make most of every moment. The place is not at all suitable only for the family, but even the singles can be there and enjoy best of their moments!

Location: Isla Grande Lanchas Cholon.
Rating: 4 out of 5
Contact: 000-0800-100-6999

3. Mangroves Tour

Mangroves Tour

Explore the great parks, while you are on an amazing trip, that too by boat. We can understand that many of us, like to be near water or have wonderful time, explaining ourselves to water ad its different things. The reason is we like to found near Mother Nature. This one helps you be very near the water and the mangroves forest, so if you are the one, who has that nature lover inside, this one would surely help you out in your process of detoxification!

Location: Isla Grande Lanchas Cholon.
Rating: 4.2 out of 5
Contact: 000-0800-100-6999

4. Wonderful Full-Day Tayrona Park Tour from Cartagena

Wonderful Full-Day

Calling for all of those, who like to witness epic scenic views and great of the works of Mother Nature. This one will lift up your senses and you will be really amazed at the sight of such marvelous things. The one who is always on side of being near to nature can know well, what it means, to find one such an amazing spot like this, and the satisfaction one has while being near to them: truly unexplainable joy!

Location: Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona Cristal Beach
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Contact: 000-0800-100-6999

5. Buzos de Baru

Buzos de Baru

The place is all about getting some great, beautiful and romantic feel. Whether you are alone or are on a family adventure, this one would surely help you make some beautiful memories, so never forget you camera and always keep you phone handy! This one not only makes sure, that the activities are involved in generating good vibes and also this would help you make great fun on the go! So get going on this beautiful adventure to gather some beautiful memories.

Location: Bocagrande | Hotel Caribe local 9, Cartagena, Colombia
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Contact: +57 5 665706157 311 4204439

6. Chiva Night Party Tour

Chiva Night Party Tour

If you are party animals and even after getting through the beautiful places all your day, you cannot get enough sleep and you are not feeling tired, then for such a party animal inside you, we have got this! Some really cool drinks which are also helpful to help you make out come aloud can be very promising and spirit uplifting! Getting some cool drinks and the great kind of music you get to feel can be very promising while brining things on a brighter note in life!

Location: Walled City of Cartagena Hi Cartagena
Rating:5 out of 5
Contact: 000-0800-100-6999

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7. Mud Volcano Shared Tour

Mud Volcano Shared Tour

There are many places in here, which are mixed with little bit of creativity and lots of amazing moments and efforts. The place is amazing and is going to leave you thrilled yet that would be done in a very beautiful and exciting way! The people are seen making every kind of possible effort which is not very simple and you can get here very easily by paying the nominal fees price, even which is not a burden on anyone’s pocket as well!

Location: Walled City of Cartagena
Rating:4.3 out of 5
Contact: 000-0800-100-6999

8. Rosario Islands Day Trip from Cartagena

Rosario Islands

After lodging pickup in Cartagena, dare to the marina and board your sharp ocean vessel. Set sail over the gleaming ocean to the charming Rosario Islands, an alluring archipelago supported by Colombian local people and voyagers alike; announced a secured national stop in 1977, the ensured waters abound with troves of tropical fish. Keep on cruising over the water and stop at an explicit island which is totally private. Bounce from the watercraft into the perfectly clear Caribbean waters underneath, swimming and sprinkling in probably the clearest and cleanest water on the planet. Sink your toes into the luxurious sands as you appreciate the reviving shade of a palm tree, tuning in to the delicate lapping of the waves.

Location: Tours in Rosario islands Impulse Travel
Rating:4.5 out of 5
Contact: 000-0800-100-6999

9. Sibarita Express Cartagena Harbor Cruise with Dinner and Wine

Sibarita Express

In the wake of being grabbed from the gathering point, and dropping the Dock Tax (as of now $3), you will leave for a 2 hour journey along the quiet waters of Cartagena Bay. The cordial group will be glad to serve both of you glasses of wine per individual and a 3 course feast if the alternative is chosen. If not, you can arrange sustenance and beverages on board by an extra expense. With the foundation of pleasant music, this is an unwinding, and sentimental approach to find the enchanted city from the ocean during the evening. Premium beverages are accessible and will be charged moreover.

Location: La Bodeguita Touristic Pier (Door 5) – In front of the Bus Station
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Contact: 000-0800-100-6999

10. Golf Stay&Play at TPC Cartagena at Karibana

Golf Stay&Play

Round of Golf at TPC Cartagena at Karibana, just TPC Golf Course in South America, with 9 holes encompassed by regular woods and 9 holes at the Ocean front. Remain at our Luxury Hotel in a Deluxe Golf Course see room. Rate incorporates Green charge, Golf truck situate, breakfast at the Club House and Hotel room. Remain at our Luxury Hotel and appreciate the pools, shoreline club, eateries, recreation center, spa, Tenis courts, and every one of the pleasantries at the Karibana Club house. Play golf at TPC Cartagena at Karibana, riding a Golf truck with GPS framework included. Each golf truck will be outfitted with two containers of water for each individual, tees and practice balls to heat up at the Practice Facility.

Location: Karibana Beach Golf Condominium
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Contact: 000-0800-100-6999

11. Boating Cartagena

Boating Cartagena

When visiting Cartagena there are two ponders nobody should miss, The well-known Old City and the amazing Islas del Rosario (just a 20 minute pontoon ride from Cartagena). These islands have completely clear and turquoise waters, white sandy shorelines and the most imperative coral reefs on the Colombian Caribbean drift. Our organization was established on the premises to give the best alternative when visiting and cruising the islands. We offer agreeable private vessels and yachts that are professionally maintained (commander and associate), while giving first class client benefit. Depend on us and let us have you. Sailing Cartagena is the best approach while contracting a vessel in Cartagena – Colombia.

Location: Centro Historico, Cartagena 130001, Colombia
Rating:5 out of 5
Contact: +57 304 6758945

The urban territory of Cartagena is additionally the fifth-biggest urban zone in the nation and we hope the art of crafting the things to be done in this place, would have by now enticed you to pay at least one visit in this place. Keep this list handy with you during your trip to Cartagena to make the most of it.

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10 Mystical Churches In Belgium For All Those Who Love Historical Sites!

If the high stained glass windows and gothic knaves is your thing then Belgium is the perfect place for you. Belgium is country in Europe that is rich in history and culture and the strikingly beautiful cathedrals are the vibrant evidence of this.

A lot of Christian abbeys and churches started emerging in the lower European countries during the 7th century and the number has been constantly increasing. Belgium itself boasts of some of the striking, historic places of worship.Each of the churches in Belgium are a mark of hard work and they all carry stories of their own. The architecture of these cathedrals are equally impressive and some of them are even internationally acclaimed.

Belgium like other European countries has a lot of beautiful churches of historic importance. When you visit these churches you will be definitely left in awe with the beautiful architecture and the beauty of these cathedrals. Take a look the list to know about the 10 best churches in Belgium.

1. Cathedral Of Our Lady, Antwerp

Cathedral Of Our Lady, Antwerp

This is supposedly the most cathedral that you will witness while in Belgium. The beautiful soaring tower of the cathedral largely dominates the city skyline of Antwerp and it is considered as one of the most finest and elegant Gothic building in entire Europe. Inside the building you will spot many stunning paintings of famous artists like Peter Paul Rubens. The architecture of this beautiful cathedral is simply astounding with 34 high stained glass windows. The place is also very easy to reach. It is located right in the heart of Old Town Square, which you can easily access while you are in Antwerp.

Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Timings: Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm, Sat – 10am – 3pm, Sun – 1pm – 4pm.

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2. St. Michael And St. Gudula Cathedral


Located in Brussels, this is another beautiful cathedral that is a must visit if you are visiting Belgium. This stunning cathedral has been a place of worship for over hundred years. This breathtaking Gothic construction simply cannot be missed by visitors of Brussels. The twin spired exterior, and the interior architecture comprising of giant columns and magnificent artworks and altar spaces, adds to its breathtaking charm. The cathedral itself can be considered as a piece of artwork in display and the best thing is, this cathedral is completely free to explore.

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Timings: 7:30am – 6pm

3. St. Bavo Cathedral

St. Bavo Cathedral

St. Bavo is one of the most important historic buildings in the country of Belgium. This beautiful cathedral is surrounded on all sides by traditional old houses of Ghent region. Apart of the stunning masterpiece that the cathedral is, it also boasts of a vast 12 panelled magnificent artwork by celebrated artist Hubert and Jan van Eyck, which dates back to around 1432. This painting is simply amazing and one of the most complex pieces of art in the entire world.

Location: Ghent, Belgium

4. Cathedral Of Our Lady, Bruges

Cathedral Of Our Lady, Bruges

This church is considered as the second tallest brick building in the entire world. Not only this, this beautiful piece of brick architecture holds the stunning artworks of the celebrated Italian sculptor, Michelangelo. The painting ‘Madonna and Child’ that adorns the walls of this marbled masterpiece of a church, is one of the iconic works of Michelangelo.

Location: Bruges, Belgium
Timings: 10am – 5pm

5. Basilica Of The Holy Blood, Bruges

Basilica Of The Holy Blood, Bruges

Basilica of Holy Blood may not be one of the biggest churches in Belgium, but this small building can definitely be considered as a showstopper in Bruges. Earlier this church used to serve as a private chapel to the Count of Flanders, this place allegedly contains a relic that has the blood of Christ. The interior is of Neo-Gothic style architecture with beautiful stained glass windows and vibrant and colorful wall murals.

Location: Bruges, Belgium
Timings: Thu – Tue 9:30am – 12pm, 2pm – 5pm

6. Eglise Saint Loup

Eglise Saint Loup

Eglise Saint Loup is definitely ranks among one of the most important churches in Belgium. The black and red marble pillars sets apart the church from the other ones. This distinctive feature of the church created quite a significant effect on Charles Baudelaire, a French poet, who drew the comparison of the church to a delicious, albeit a very formidable coffin.

Location: Rue du College, Namur, Belgium.
Timings: Upon appointment.

7. Cathedral Of Our Lady, Tournai

Cathedral Of Our Lady, Tournai

This church is considered recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The distinctive architecture of this beautiful church is characterized by the cluster of five bell towers as well as the semicircular ends. This is one of the biggest churches in Belgium and an example of the Romanesque architecture style. Inside the church you can admire the chasse of Our Lady as the lovely a painting by none other than Peter Paul Ruben, which adorns the walls of this church.

Location: Tournai, Belgium
Timings: Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm, Sat – Sun 9am – 12pm / 1pm – 6pm.

8. Collegiate Church Of St. Gertrude, Nivelles

Collegiate Church Of St. Gertrude, Nivelles

This church is designed in the style of a castle and the architecture of the church is of Ottonian style of around 992. The avant-corps in the western side is one of the most distinguishable architectural feature of this church sets it apart along with its height and the octagon shaped bell tower.

Location: Nivelles, Belgium

9. St. Rumbold’s Cathedral, Mechelen

St. Rumbold's Cathedral, Mechelen

St. Rumbold’s cathedral is another of the must visit churches in Belgium. This historic building is very important and is ranked among one of the top best churches in Belgium. This place of worship is frequented by a lots of locals as well as visitors in Belgium. The cathedral originally was supposed to have a 77m high spire and this cathedral along with Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, holds the seat of Archdiocese. The attractive architectural feature of this church is its distinctive flat tower. Students from all around the globe come to the Royal Carillon School, a part of the cathedral, where they are taught the art of ringing the church bells.

Location: Mechelen, Belgium
Timings: Sun – Fri 1pm – 6pm, Sat 10am – 6pm

10. Our Blessed Lady Of The Sablon, Brussels

Our Blessed Lady Of The Sablon, Brussels

The entire country of Belgium has a wide assortment of churches, located in various regions and parts of the country. One such location is Brussels in Belgium that has quite a collection of churches. The Old Blessed Lady of the Sablon is one of them. This church itself boasts of being one of the top rated one in Belgium and can definitely be considered as one of the most beautiful churches in Brussels region. The church has distinguishable Brabantine Gothic styled exterior and a very vibrantly decorated interior. It comprises of two stunning Baroque chapels. This beautiful church was originally built as a Crossbow Guild, which was later rebuilt around the turn of the 15th century, into the church it is today.

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Timings: Mon – Fri 9am – 6:30pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 6:30pm

These churches are among the most beautiful and important ones built in Belgium. Some of them have much historical importance and adds to the cultural heritage of the country, when you are planning your trip to Belgium, make sure to visit these stunning churches and absorb the cultural and historical heritage of the place.

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12 Popular Festivals In Ireland To Fill Your Vacation With Love, Light & Life

Located in the North Atlantic, Ireland is the second largest island on the British Isles. The climatic condition of Ireland is mild but may sometimes change consequently. The country is famous for its ancient artistic castles and beautiful natural cliffs. Ireland has also got three world heritage sites which are Brú na Bóinne, Skellig Michael and the Giant’s Causeway. Other than that some of the small towns of Ireland are so beautiful and scenic that you wouldn’t want to leave this place ever. Not just that, the Irish cuisines are also one of its kind and unquestionably world famous. Due to so many reasons Ireland has evolved as one the most popular tourist spots in recent times. But visiting around festivals in Ireland is a great idea if you wish to have a culturally trip.

The lifestyle and culture of Ireland is greatly influenced by that of Great Britain. And yet this place has a beauty of its own. This island is quite rich in its art and cultural heritage and has quite significance in shaping the future of this place and its people. The people of this place are warm and welcoming. And they very well know how to celebrate life! Every year Ireland hosts many different festivals that brings not only showcases their rich cultural heritage but also brings people together. Festivals are indeed a great way for the outsiders who are tourists to blend in with the locals and soak in the vibe of the city.

If you are planning to experience one such positive celebration then summers are the best time to come to this island. As the weather starts warming up, the atmosphere of the city becomes quite joyous and the celebration of life begins with these charming festivals.
So here is the list of some of the most amazing festivals that being hosted in Ireland that you can attend to have a glimpse of the culture of this city.

1. BD Festival

BD Festival

This festival is also known as Barn Dance. It is a festival where you can bring your beer and have a good time with your friends and family. It is a festival that revolves around good music and magnificent art. You will also get to see international plays and concerts which are being held here every year. Comedy shows, theater plays and art display are the main attraction of this festival. Other than that you can also some the mouth watering food delicacies which are an absolute delight to taste!

Where: Glendalough, Ireland
When: 14th April

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2. Vantastival


This festival is all about celebrating good time with family and friends. It takes place over the may bank weekend holidays. This festival emphasizes on nomadic lifestyle. It is recommended that you go to this festival with a campervan but it isn’t really a necessity. You will find a lot of local vendors selling local food which are a delight to taste. You can learn some new art and craft and participate in quirky activities and make this day a sweet memory.

Where: Beaulieu House and Gardens in Co. Louth
When: 3rd and 4th may

3. The Kilkenny Rhythm and Roots Festival

The Kilkenny Rhythm and Roots Festival

This festival rock concerts and good vibes! Started in 1998, every year this festival is celebrated where so many popular music band come and perform. The ambience of this place is electrifying and is sure to make you groove on the jaw dropping dope EDMs. The crowd is filled with young people and everyone syncs in together at the same rhythm.

Where: Ireland
When: 28th April to 1st May

4. Earagail Arts Festival

Earagail Arts Festival

This festival features a wide variety of entertainment for the visitors. You will get to experience the local eclectic music, visual arts, theater programs and even circus. The vibe of this place is full of positive ambience. It is bilingual festivals where events take place in both English and Irish language. This festival goes on for a whole month of July and has something in store for all age group.

Where: Ireland
When: 4th July to 23rd July

5. Galway International Arts Festival

Galway International Arts Festival

Galway is a vibrant city and is particularly famous for its amazing arts festival. Several shows, plays and concerts are held here very year in July which is quite impressive and joyous. The random street parties and discos are what make this festival even more unique. Overall this festival is all about enjoying the days of your life and mix in with the people of this place. The locals are warm and friendly and who can just enjoy some drinks with them and dance to the upbeat music.

Where: Galway, Ireland
When: 17th July to 30th July

6. Life Festival

Life Festival

This is a three day festival held in open air area. It features electronic artists who give some of the best performances and bind everyone in a mesmerizing surrounding.

Where: Belvedere House and Gardens, Ireland
When: 26th to 28th way

7. Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival

Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival

If you are a lover of craic then this is the festival that you must attend if possible. You can get to experience entertainment, fun, enjoyable conversation during the various sessions that are held here. This festivals features a lot of workshops and master classes on various activities like arts, music etc. It is a good excuse for the foreigners to blend in with the local cultures and interact with the people of this place.

Where: Ireland
When: 9th June to 11th June

8. Body and Soul

Body and Soul

This festival is held during the summer solstice weekend. The actual charm of Body and Soul is having a woodland boogie at the Reckless in Love stage. You can also enjoy midnight Jacuzzi with some drinks. The atmosphere is mystical and you never know what you may bump into. Overall for the entire surprise lover, it is a good idea to attend this place.

Where: Ballinlough Castle, Ireland
When: 23rd June to 25th June

9. Willie Clancy Week

Willie Clancy Week

It is a traditional Irish festival held in the summers in a beautiful coastal town. With so many master classes and workshops being arranged here, one can get to learn a lot many new skills like playing a musical instrument or cooking. By the evening you will also find the locals dancing here on the traditional Irish music and enjoying with each other. The ambience is great and is a must visit festival.

Where: coastal town of Milltown Malbay, Ireland
When: 30th June to 9th July

10. Castlepalooza


This festival is full of different sorts of fun activities and the visitors are encouraged to take part in it. The ambience is full of enthusiasm and everybody is surrounded with good vibes. If you are someone who loves meeting new people and blending in with them then this is the right kind of Irish festival for you.

Where: Charleville Castle, Ireland
When: 4th August to 6th August

11. Fleadh Ceoil

Fleadh Ceoil

For all the party lovers out there this is certainly your type of festival. You will get to listen some of the best kind of music of this place. It is kind of a music festival held for the armatures. You will get to experience traditional Irish music and also take tour of the local area and know the culture of this place. Basically the heart of this festival is the Irish music and Irish culture. During the night, pubs and bars are at their best to provide you with full entertainment and food.

Where: Fleadh, Ireland
When: 13th August to 21st August

12. Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

This festival is one of its kinds. It is also one of the oldest traditional festivals held here. Every year approx 60,000 people come and gather here to enjoy live dance and music and just sink in to the rich culture of this place. Also people come here in the hope of finding their soulmate hence the name! This festival has been carried for over 150 years now and is a magical experience to share.

Where: Co. Clare town, Ireland
When: September

Thus Ireland is a country know for the generous and kind hearted people who very welcoming to the tourists. They take immense pride in their rich culture and are happy to share with the tourists that come to visit this island. So, plan a trip to Ireland to experience some of the most magical events through these festivals and go home with long lasting memories.

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10 Lavish Auckland Cottages That Offer A Perfect Retreat For Every Kind Of Traveler!

Auckland is the largest and most populous city of New Zealand that boasts of some of the top notch museums in the world. The cityscape is full of beautiful skyscrapers as well as a beautiful countryside. The city of Auckland is vibrant and full of life whereas the countryside holds some scenic natural landscapes and viewpoints that are supremely stunning to behold. The land is full of absolute beauty. There’s a lot to explore in this lovely city and hence it attracts a lot of people all over the world every year. Auckland with its beaming, vibrant life offers a lots of comfortable places to stay. There many cottages in Auckland that serve as the perfect holiday retreat.

Here we have compiled a list of 10 such cottages in Auckland that will make your stay at Auckland far more enjoyable and relaxing. Take a look at our list where you can definitely stay.

1. Emerald Cottage and Villas

Emerald Cottage and Villas

Emerald Cottage and Villas located in Takapuna Beach is a luxury holiday retreat. Overlooking the Hauraki Gulf, this Cape-Cod like holiday cottage offers you complete privacy and relaxation. The modernized architecture with the spacious rooms and all modern amenities, this holiday home will help you unwind in a tranquil atmosphere. The facilities include an upstairs master bedroom along with two additional bedroom and a bath and shower. There is also an indoor conservatory with a spa pool. Emerald Cottage truly offers paramount luxury to its visitors.

Location: The Promenade, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.
Tariff: 268 NZD per night
Ratings: 4.5

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2. Bethells Beach Cottages

Bethells Beach Cottages

Bethells Beach Cottage is one of the best romantic cottages in Auckland, where you can stay with your loved one and relax in this peaceful sanctuary. Bethells Beach Cottages comprises of three boutique cottages situated at a high point, overlooking the Bethells Beach view. The exquisite view and the surroundings of this lovely cottage will take you to a stress free zone. The high standard of luxury offered at this boutique cottages will make your holidays far more enjoyable. Sit on your private deck with your partner and enjoy a glass of wine, while absorbing the views of water and nature.

Location: Waitakere, Bethells Beach, New Zealand.
Tariff: 330 NZD per night
Ratings: 4.5

3. Edge Knoll Farm Holiday Cottages

Edge Knoll Farm Holiday Cottages

This is one of the best holiday cottages in Bishop, Auckland. The cottages are fashioned to give of a vibe of the 17th century barns and adds a rustic vibe to the place. The cottages have all the modern amenities and have spacious and warm interiors. The cottages overlook a beautiful countryside landscape serving as a quiet rural retreat, away from the hustle of the city. The place is child friendly as well as pet friendly. You can bring your canine friend along with you on your stay in Edge Knoll Farm Holiday Cottages.

Location: Hamsterley, Bishop, Auckland, New Zealand
Tariff: 446 NZD per night

4. Mt Hobson Cottage

Mt Hobson Cottage

Located in the heart of Auckland, amidst amazingly landscaped gardens, Mount Hobson Cottage serves as a perfect retreat away from the monotonous city life. The cottage offers self-contained accommodations for up to 6 people. The cottage dwells among a garden setting near the Mount Hobson Peak thereby offering some scenic viewpoints. There are lots of destinations that you can visit from here including Auckland’s best suburb Remora and the Eastern Beaches etc.

Location: Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand
Tariff: 120 NZD per night

5. Warblers Retreat

Warblers Retreat

Warblers Retreat is an eco-friendly luxury retreat, located in the heart of Auckland. Located in the Albany region, Warblers retreat is surrounded by an oasis. If you want a true boutique hotel experience then you should definitely visit this place. This luxury retreat is considered as one of the top boutique hotels in New Zealand and is famous for their personalized services and luxury accommodations. Not to the mention the beautiful rainforests that surround the region creates a soothing effect on your sense.

Location: Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.
Tariff: 625 NZD per night
Ratings: 5/5

6. Sea Vista Apartments

Sea Vista Apartments

Located in Auckland’s North Shore, Sea Vista apartments is a quality and well-furnished holiday home. If you are looking for a short term accommodation in Auckland then this is the perfect place for you. The Sea Vista apartments consists of nine independent apartments with one to three bedrooms in each. The rooms are spacious and offers total privacy. There is also a private swimming beach where you can take a dip to relax after a long day.

Location: Waiake, Auckland, New Zealand.
Tariff: 200 NZD per night
Ratings: 3.5/5

7. Auckland Country Cottages

Auckland Country Cottages

Auckland Country Cottages is the perfect bed and breakfast location that you cannot find anywhere in Auckland. Located in a secluded setting, this holiday retreat offers a peaceful getaway far from the bustling city life. With expansive views of the Manukau Harbor and Hauraki Gulf, the location of the cottage is simply breathtaking. The cottages provide the perfect rejuvenating sanctuary and offers you a one of a kind experience.

Location: Clevedon, Auckland, New Zealand
Tariff: 144 NZD per night
Ratings: 5/5

8. Vineyard Cottages

Vineyard Cottages

Vineyard Cottages are a series of boutique styled cottages located amidst the vines of Waikoukou Valley. The cottage is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes with a tree lined environment that makes it a great spot for relaxing. With the welcome drink, home baked cookies and the warm place will definitely put you in a highly comfortable zone. The cottage offers different kinds of packages like Girl’s weekends, romantic escapes and babymoons etc. You also get the provisions for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or a family reunion here at Vineyard cottages.

Location: Helensville, New Zealand
Tariff: 273 NZD per night
Ratings: 4.5/5

9. Peggy’s Cottage

Peggy's Cottage

Peggy’s Cottage is a simple cottage facility located 15 kms from the Harbor Bridge. If you are looking for a short term stay in Auckland, you can head to Peggies Cottage. The guests arriving at Peggies Cottage have the entire ground floor to themselves while the owners live upstairs. The cottage gives access to a furnished kitchen, bathroom and a shared lounge area. There are two bedrooms that can be booked and the bathroom comes stocked with free toiletries including a hair dryer.

Location: Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand
Tariff: 104 NZD per night
Rating: 3/5

10. Booklovers Cottage

Booklovers Cottage

Situated in Waiheke Island, Booklovers Cottage is a quaint holiday home that overlooks Okoka Bay. It is a perfect private holiday home that offers the peace and quiet you seek. There are many island restaurants located around the location where you can go to grab a bite or walk down to the Okoka Beach. You can also visit the Wetland Gardens and the Dog Bay Sculpture Park adjoining the property of the cottage. There are two master bedrooms in the cottage, each comes with an attached bathroom. This self-contained holiday home is the perfect location to relax in a secluded surrounding.

Location: Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand
Tariff: 96 NZD per night

With so many beautiful holiday homes and cottages in Auckland, you are sure to have nice, relaxing and enjoyable stay here. Head to one of these cottages and enjoy your stay in Auckland while holidaying in New Zealand!

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10 Best South African Road Trips To Enliven Your Spirit!

Every single person out there loves to indulge in a bit of a road trip, tranquil and riveting at the same time. While South Africa is known around for hosting some of the widest ranges of wildlife, there are some hidden South African Road Trips spots that not many are aware of. Irrespective of what age or experience you have with road trips, these specific ones are actually going to change your notion for the better. There is no one perfect route for your road trip requirements in South Africa, the options are quite abundant and if you are someone who is always up for an adventure, set sail on a car to these beautiful places.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the spots to visit for the best South African road trips. If you are visiting for the first time, visit a few of these places to make your trip even more eventful.

Here is a list of the best South African Road trips you must have while holidaying in South Africa. Take a look!

1. The Panorama Route

Rocky side

Just the mere mention of this place is enough to ignite a sense of excitement in every traveller’s mind. Not only is the place breathtaking in itself, but even the journey to this place is one of a kind. There is not a lot of things you can do while there but the simple stay around the place is enough to bring in calmness and tranquility in your mind. A perfect spot to get away from the persistent chaos of daily life, The Panorama Route is often a very popular trail amidst the tourists who like to go about on road trips. The low leveled clouds in the area further add to the fervor and excitement while visiting the place. It is located nearby Johannesburg.

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2. The Beer Route


The travel route from Johannesburg to the North West is known as the Beer Route and all for the right reasons. The entire route is famous for all the local breweries that you will pass along. If you have a designated driver or someone who is not that fond of beer, assign them for driving you on the road trip and catch a break yourself. Stop at these local breweries and get yourself a pint of beer. There are more than 10 such spots that you can indulge in through the road trip. If required, stop and get a bottle or two for the next day. The trail through Gauteng is one of the best road trip routes in South Africa.

3. The Garden Route

Garden Route

Located in the Western Cape, the Garden Route is possibly one of the most popular southern Africa road trips destinations. The entire route throughout the length of 200 km on the stretch of the N2 Highway is situated in between Mossel Bay and Storms River Mouth. These two spots are located on either proximity, one on the Western Cape and the other on the Eastern Cape. The entire route is not just a road trip but one that’s filled with a number of outdoor activities. Throughout the entire route, you can easily witness beaches, dense mountain forests and even lagoons where you can make a quick stop at. You can also camp out at the Knynsa Forest.

4. The Wild Coast

The Wild Coast

Don’t necessarily get deterred by the name because if you are planning a road trip to South Africa, the Wild Coast is actually an amazing option to look into. Starting off from the East London located in the south of Eastern Cape and extending on till the border of the Kwa-Zulu Natal, the entire stretch covers 350 km. The ride is filled with scenic beauty on both sides of your ride. From the jagged coastlines to the turquoise rondavels on the edge of the mountains, the entire route is perfect if you want a laidback road trip. Apart from that, you can also witness some amazing beaches along the way along with farming plots as well.

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5. The Waterberg Meander

The Waterberg Meander view

Next on the list of the South African road trips is the route along The Waterberg Meander. It is located just a few hours away from the main city of Joburg and is not that littered around with tourists. This is one of the catching points of the place. It is situated at the Limpopo Province; this place is nothing short of a fairytale with its extensive range of mountains, antediluvian sandstone rock formations, and even the mystic river valleys. The entire route is 350 km long and is famous for the Marakele National Park that comes in between.

6. Route 62

Long road view

The Route 62 is possibly one of the best trails for the road trips along South Africa. This is known as such because of the road that hinders through the vineyards of the Cape Wineland. Majority of the road trippers who take this route take it to visit the Karoo, which is an open scrubland that hones some of the best livestock and farms around the place. The beautiful mountain passes along the way add to the beauty of the place even further. This is believed to be the “rural” counterpart of the Garden Route and is not that busy like the prior one. The quietness of this is what further makes this an amazing option for road trippers to look into. Visit Montagu and the Karoo National Park while there.

7. Cederberg

Stylish rock view

Majority of the tourists who visit Cape Town tend to embark on visiting the vineyards next but if you want a taste of something different, get on the N1 highway and take a detour to the Spice Route. If you are wondering, we have an amazing road trip map planned out for you. During the road trip through the spice route, take the route of the Bainskloof Pass and visit Tulbagh. The consistent trip along the direction will take you to Cederberg which is one of the most laidback and chill vineyards around the continent. There are hiking permits too that you can avail.

8. Sun City – Kruger National Park

Large waterfall

This is quite a popular road trip route because of the picturesque quick stops and the amazing activities one can easily indulge in while on the trip. While on the trip, ensure to pass through the scenic location of Mpumalanga along with the popular towns of Dullstroom and Sabie along the way. On the way, stop to view some of the beautiful waterfalls too and from there, set sail for the Kruger National Park.

9. Tsitsikamma National Park – Cape Town

Town view

This specific route is not a very commonly known one amidst the travellers. Locals are aware of it but not many tourists are. You definitely need to take advantage of the same. Through the trip, you will come across Plettenberg Bay, Knysna and Wilderness. Take the Swartberg Pass to get to the Karoo and cross some of the popular quaint towns along the way.

10. Sani Pass

Sani Pass

We have saved the best for the last. When it comes to the South African road trips, the Sani Pass is an absolute must. The trip often ends in Lesotho and predominantly starts from the town of Underberg. This route is filled with scenic beauty and natural landscapes, which are what makes it one of the favorite ones. The rushing feeling of excitement and adrenaline at the same time is what fuels the entire trip through and through.

The road trips around South Africa are just as adventurous as the place itself. If you have been seeking out good destinations to drive around, these top 10 sites can be a good option to look into. So, plan a trip to South Africa and indulge in the fun.

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10 Villas In Bulgaria That’ll Ensure You Have A Luxurious Stay

As a favourite travel location during the last couple of years, Bulgaria draws more and more vacationers’ year after year. With its white-sand beaches, sparkling cascades and lazy summer times, its centuries-old culture and history, its welcoming folks, nutritious food and free booze, its amazing currency rate, you can expect an enjoyable low-cost summer holiday, full of active holidays for young people or just to learn the customs left behind in the countryside, where ordinary people still breed farm animals, roast bread and make cheese.

Whatever your preference, you’ll find your ideal vacation home in Bulgaria among the extensive rental options. There is something for everyone during your vacation in Bulgaria, particularly if you are keenly interested in culture, history and architecture. You can also savor the pristine essence and the sizeable cities in this country.

1. Villa Irina

Villa Irina

Villa Irina provides housing in Kŭrdzhali. All residences have a separate bathroom and kitchen. The property has an alpine view, a barbecue and free Wi – Fi. All the guest rooms in the guesthouse have a coffee maker. All bedrooms at Villa Irina are outfitted with a wardrobe and a Television. Mineralni Bani is 43 km off the property.

Location: S. Glavatartsi, 6600 Kŭrdzhali, Bulgaria
Cost: 650 euro per week
Google rating: 9.1/10

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2. San Marco Villas

San Marco Villas

In the garden, SanMarco Villas features a swimming pool and tennis court. Located 400 meters from Kranevo Beach, this property provides free private parking. Villas in SanMarco are air – conditioned and also have a private terrace with garden views. Each villa has a kitchenette, lounge area and a lavatory with shower. Guests can swim in the swimming pool or play a tennis or table tennis game. You can also go horseback riding or scuba diving in the locality. International Airport of Varna is 20 km away. Balchik ‘s botanical gardens are 10 km away. The Bulgarian Golf Riviera can be reached in less than 1 hour by car.

Location: Primorska 16, 9649 Kranevo, Bulgaria
Cost: 550 euro per week
Google rating: 8.9/10

3. Villa Valentina

Villa Valentina

Promising an outdoor swimming pool and air-conditioned rooms with balconies, Villa Valentina is discreetly situated 450 meters from the beach of the Black Sea. The vast garden has a barbecue area and a play area for kids. Each room has a Television and a kitchenette with a refrigerator and an oven. The private bathroom is provided with a shower. The beach resorts of Albena and Golden Sands are a 10-minute commute from Valentina. Guests can come and visit the celebrated medieval monastery of the Aladzha Cave and the botanical garden of Balchik, both 10 km away. The shops and restaurants of Kranevo Main Street are 500 meters from the Villa Valentina. Varna is about 25 km away.

Location: 15 Roporamostr., 9649 Kranevo, Bulgaria
Cost: 59 euro per night
Google rating: 8.8/10

4. Iskar Villas

Iskar Villas

Iskar Villas is situated in the center of Kranevo, 20 km from Varna, a seaside village. There is a swimming pool and a bistro. It is a 10-minute stroll to the closest beach. The typical room is furnished with free Wi – Fi, air – conditioning and cable television. There is a private terrace in each room and a lavatory. Villa Iskar is 3 km from the Albena Beach Resort. Again, you can also frequent Aladzha’s medieval monastery, which is only 10 km away. Private transfers are available to Varna airport and the shuttle takes approximately 30 minutes. Private parking is free at the Villa. The parking lot is videotaped 24 hours a day.

Location: Iskar str. 36, 9649 Kranevo, Bulgaria
Cost: 65 euro per night
Google rating: 9.1/10

5. Villa Amfora

Villa Amfora

The Villa Amfora is situated in Kranevo, with an outdoor pool and free Wi – Fi. The property is located 300 m from the Black Sea shore and the central square with stores, retailers and eateries. The apartments have a terrace with a view of the pool, a kitchenette with a lounge area, a seating zone with a couch ,a cable flat – screen TV and a lavatory with a shower and free toiletries. Guests can enjoy the garden with barbecue, along with a playground for children and a volleyball court in Villa Amfora. The property provides free car parking.

Location: 7, Briz Str, 9649 Kranevo, Bulgaria
Cost: 63 euro per night
Google rating: 8.7/10

6. Villa Promenade

Villa Promenade

With a restaurant and free Wi-Fi, Villa Promenade is located in Burgas City, just under 1 km from Yug (South) Bus Station and an 18-minute stroll from Burgas Opera House. The air – conditioned property has a sauna. The villa has a separate room with a flat-screen television and a private toilet and showers. Some units come with a veranda and/or balcony. Continental breakfast can be served on site. There is a car rental service at this property. The ferryboat terminal is 5 km to the Villa Promenade and 70 m from the Burgas Central Beach. The closest airfield is Burgas Airport which is 12 km from the property.

Location: 1 Tsar Simeon I Str., 8000 Burgas City, Bulgaria
Cost: 54 euro per night
Google rating: 8.9/10

7. Bulgarienhus Nev Villa

Bulgarienhus Nev Villa

Bulgarienhus Nev Villa offers a cyclical open – air swimming pool and a lawn in Burgas City, 13 km from BurgasMasque Line and 13 km from Yug (South) Bus Station. With a balcony, the vacation home is located in a locality where visitors can enjoy riding a bike and table tennis. The vacation home with balcony and pool views has a dining room, a Television, a fully outfitted kitchen and 3 or 4 bathrooms with bath. The property offers both a bike rental service and a car rental service. Sarafovo is a fantastic pick for sunlight, sightseeing and sandy beaches for travellers.

Location: 48 Angel Dimitrov Street, Sarafovo Area, Sarafovo, 8017 Burgas City, Bulgaria
Cost: 70 euro per night
Google rating: 9.3/10

8. Old School Villa

Old School Villa

The Old School Villa is located in Bratovo, in the province of Burgas, and has a garden. A fully outfitted kitchen is available for guests staying in this villa. The villa has 7 distinct spare bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with completely free cosmetics, a hairdryer and a sitting room. A flat – screen satellite Television is provided. Guests can use the whirlpool. The property includes a barbecue and balcony.

Location: 1 Trakiya Street, 8111 Bratovo, Bulgaria
Cost: 65 euro per night
Google rating: 9.1/10

9. Royal Villas

Royal Villas

Royal Villas is located in Bryastovets and provides an open – air pool. This self-catering property has free Wi-Fi for internet access. Each villa has a terrace, a living area and easy access to the swimming pool. A fully equipped kitchen with microwave and oven is provided. The private bathroom has a shower, or a bath. There is extra bathroom as well. You can admire the view of the pool from the room. There is a lawn and a barbecue facility in the Royal Villas. The villa offers free parking.

Location: 6009 6, 8113 Bryastovets, Bulgaria
Cost: 50 euro per night
Google rating: 8.1/10

10. Villa Knox

Villa Knox

Located in Bryastovets, Villa Knox features a cyclical open – air swimming pool, a barbecue area and a garden. With swimming pool views, this property provides a balcony. The villa has 1 bedroom and an adequately equipped kitchen with a fridge. A flat -screen television is available.

Location: 6009, 8113 Bryastovets, Bulgaria
Cost: 70 euro per night
Google rating: 9.7/10

Villas are expensive yet luxurious accommodations to pamper you and your family while you are on a vacation to Bulgaria. We hope this list aids you in selecting a villa with a good cost to amenities ratio.

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Indulge In These Must-Do Things On A Flawless Bali Honeymoon, Just Like They Did!

Redefining love, and embarking on a new journey of life begins with a romantic honeymoon for all the newlyweds. And with a dream of crafting some beautiful moments together, Rohit and Kirti went on an exquisite Bali honeymoon that was a perfect blend of fun, adventure, love, and romance.

While their romantic sojourn comprised of waterfalls, beaches, temples, shopping, and much more, here’s what they wrote about their dreamy escape to this beach paradise.

Trip Type: A romantic honeymoon trip with a pinch of adventure
Duration: 7 days and 6 nights
Budget: INR 114,999 /-
Travel Agent: Shoes On Loose
Inclusions: Flights, accommodation at the Kana Kuta Hotel, and Transera Grand Kancana in Seminyak, breakfast, airport transfers, local transfers, Candle Light Dinner at the Grand Mirage Restaurant, jet skiing, parasailing, sightseeing, full day Kintamani tour, and much more
Exclusions: Visa, travel insurance, lunch, dinner, and anything not mentioned in the itinerary

Couple on Bali honeymoon

Being ardent travelers, we were looking forward to a honeymoon destination that had a bit of everything. So we went ahead with our research of a perfect honeymoon package, and it was during this time that one of our friends referred the leading online travel portal of TravelTriangle to us.

Day 1: Arrival | Check-in at the Kana Kuta | Candle light dinner at the Grand Mirage Restaurant on Nusa Dua Beach
Day 2: Local Sightseeing | Journey through the artisan villages | Full day Kintamani Tour | Coffee Plantations
Day 3: Dolphin Tour | Gitgit Waterfall | Temple Hopping | Visiting Tanah Lot | Rejuvenating Spa Session
Day 4: Leisure Day | Full Day Turtle Island Tour
Day 5: Watersports like Parasailing, Jet Ski & Banana Boat Ride | Visit to the Dreamland Beach | Transfer to Seminyak
Day 6: Day at the Private Pool Villa | Shopping in Seminyak
Day 7: Check-out from the resort | Airport transfer | Departure

Couple on the beach in Bali

And while we were closing on the destinations with the help of TravelTriangle, we finally picked Bali as it had a mix of everything ranging from waterfalls to mountains, temples to beaches, and shopping to watersports. From candlelight dinners to beach activities, we wanted our Bali honeymoon to be a perfect blend of romance and adventure, and TravelTriangle personalized our holiday just the way we wanted it to be!

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Day1: Starting Our Bali Honeymoon On A Romantic Note!

On the first day, we arrived at the Denpasar airport and were received by the driver who later transferred us to the prebooked Kana Kuta hotel. It was a great property and the friendly staff welcomed with drinks and sweets.

Couple on Bali honeymoon

Female traveler

Couple on a Bali honeymoon

Bali honeymoon

Post finishing the check-in process, we rested up for a while and revived ourselves for the evening. The best part about our Bali honeymoon was that we got to start this journey with the most romantic candlelight dinner by the beach.

Couple enjoys candlelight dinner in Bali

Female traveler in Bali

Couple on Bali honeymoon

We were taken to the Grand Mirage Restaurant on Nusa Dua Beach where everything was set and it was indeed an awesome moment for us. Not only we were welcomed with a beautiful bouquet but we also got to witness a mesmerizing sunset on the beach. While we feasted on the delicious Indian food, it felt just great to begin our new journey in such a special way.

Day 2: Full Day Tour Of Kintamani Volcano & Ubud Area

Our second day was dedicated to some local exploration and a full day tour of the famous Kintamani Volcano. So post finishing a delicious breakfast in the morning, we started our day by witnessing the entertaining and mythological Barong dance in Ubud which was an eye-opener towards the rich culture of Bali.

Female traveler in Bali

Male traveler in Bali

Couple enjoys on a Bali honeymoon

Female traveler in Bali

Male traveler in Bali

Female traveler in Bali

Later in the day, we explored some of the beautiful traditional artisan villages before gearing up for the Kintamani tour. Passing through the rice fields, we also went on to the coffee plantations and tasted many varieties of tea and coffee, and each flavour was so unique and refreshing.

Couple on a Bali honeymoon

Couple in Bali

Tea tasting tour in Bali

Female traveler in Bali

Couple in Bali

Then we proceeded with the Kintamani tour which turned out to be a little disappointing as we couldn’t enjoy the views clearly due to bad weather and dense fog. We were hoping that it would turn out to be the best highlight of our Bali honeymoon but unfortunately we couldn’t experience much of the Kintamani Volcano.

Couple on a Bali honeymoon

Female traveler in Bali

Male traveler in Bali

Bali honeymoon

In the later half of the day, we got talking to the locals and the friendly villagers who greeted us with much love. While we went on to explore the handmade products made out of wood, we witnessed how the artisans transform a simple piece of wood into a fine piece of art, and in the end, it turned out to be a wonderful experience indeed.

Day 3: Waking Up To The Dolphins & Witnessing The Charm Of Tanah Lot

We started the third day quite early than the usual time which is around 3 AM as it was time to go and meet the fascinating Dolphins. It was clubbed with a early sunrise experience which turned out to be one of the most romantic experiences of our lives.

Beaches in Bali

Female traveler in Bali

Sunrise on the beach

Couple in Bali

Couple in Bali

We boarded the boat and welcomed the day in the company of the friendly Dolphins post which, we proceed to explore the famous Gitgit waterfalls. Cascading from a great height, the clean and rejuvenating environs of the waterfall left our senses totally refreshed and we loved every bit of it.

Female traveler at Gitgit waterfalls

Couple at Gitgit waterfalls

Temples in Bali

Couple in Bali

Traveler in Bali

Couple at Tanah Lot Bali

Couple at Tanah Lot Bali

Having captured a lot of fun moments at the waterfall, we later went on to visit the utterly gorgeous Tanah Lot Temple. Of all the temples that we visited during temple hopping, we found Tanah Lot to be the best one in terms of beauty, architecture, and the breathtaking views that it offered. And to end the day in the best possible way, we also enjoyed a two-hour long session of luxury spa.

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Day 4: Touring The Turtle Island

Though the fourth day was meant to be a leisure day, we thought of exploring Bali some more. And as we had planned, we set out for a full day tour of the popular Turtle Island. The journey and the island transfer in a private boat was so captivating that it left us in an awe of how beautiful the Turtle Island would be.

Couple on a Bali honeymoon

Boat ride in Bali

Traveler in a boat

Bali honeymoon

Traveler at Turtle Island

Traveler at Turtle Island

As we reached, we were totally excited to explore the island. We saw numerous turtles ranging from all sizes along with some other reptiles like snakes, and lizards. All this while we were scared of snakes and to have held one in hand, sent chills down the spine. Though it was scary, it was equally thrilling.

Turtles in Bali

Traveler at Turtle Island

Man holding a snake in hand

Couple on a Bali honeymoon

Beaches in Bali

Later in the evening, we relished some of the refreshing coconut water with snacks as we explored the island a bit more. Capturing the beauty of this gorgeous island, it was only in the end that we realized we would have missed a great experience if we had not planned to visit this island.

Day 5: Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Dreamland Beach, & Much More!

Our fifth day was totally filled with fun, and adventure as we had planned this day to enjoy the thrilling watersports. And as we had thought, without experiencing the thrills of couple parasailing, our Bali honeymoon would have been so incomplete.

Couple enjoying watersports in Bali

Couple enjoying watersports in Bali

watersports in Bali

Couple parasailing in Bali

Couple parasailing in Bali

Post breakfast, we headed towards the Nusa Dua beach and had the time of our lives while experiencing couple parasailing. Other than that, the jet skiing and banana boat ride were also a part of our itinerary and they were equally thrilling and awesome.

Dreamland Beach Bali

Couple on Dreamland Beach Bali

Traveler in Bali

Male Traveler in Bali

Traveler in Bali

After enjoying a whole day of fun, we later went to explore the Dreamland beach and enjoyed all the peace and quiet that the island had to offer. The cool breeze, crashing waves, and the whole atmosphere was just perfect to spend some quality time with each other while we strolled along the shoreline.

Female traveler on a beach

traveler on a beach

Couple on Bali honeymoon

Bali honeymoon

Couple at a private pool villa

In the evening, we checked out from the hotel and were transferred to the plush private pool villa in Seminyak. The property was just amazing, the friendly staff greeted us with a warm welcome and we relished a lip-smacking dinner before calling it a night.

Day 6: Embracing Every Bit Of Seclusion In Seminyak

female traveler playing dart

Bali honeymoon

Honeymoon in Bali

The sixth day of our Bali honeymoon was totally full of leisure as we got to do nothing and just be ourselves. We relaxed at the pool villa which was an unique experience in itself.

Bali honeymoon

honeymoon in Bali

Going on a shopping spree at the nearby market in Seminyak also helped us reviving our energies. The retail therapy always works for the couples and we ended up buying a lot of cute little gifts for our family, dear ones, and friends.

Day 7: Bidding A Heartbreaking Goodbye To Bali

Couple on a Bali honeymoon

On the seventh day, nostalgia had already struck us by the time we got up and went for breakfast as it was the last day of our Bali honeymoon. The days we spent on this island were incredibly blissful that left us totally enchanted.

As we finished the check-out process, the staff bid a final goodbye to us and soon we were on our way to the airport. Though we wished to stay for long, we finally bid adieu to the beautiful Bali and embarked on a safe journey back home!

On the whole, our Bali honeymoon was wonderful beyond our expectations. Everything was well-managed, coordinated, and our travel agent was courteous enough to assist us whenever needed.

Couple on Bali honeymoon

Overall it was a hassle-free experience, and we’re pretty positive on booking our next trip with TravelTriangle soon. Would love to recommend TravelTriangle to our family and friends. Cheers!

Highlights Of Our Bali Honeymoon

  • Beachside Candlelight Dinner
  • Beautiful Gitgit Waterfalls
  • Tanah Lot Temple
  • Relaxing Spa Session
  • Parasailing and Jet Skiing
  • Exploring The Dreamland Beach
  • Stay At The Private Pool Villa

Low Points: None as such. However, we faced problems in terms of finding vegetarian food. It’s very rare that you might find some pure veg restaurant in Bali.

Tips For Future Travelers

  • Make sure you include beachside candlelight dinner, and a stay at the private pool villa in your itinerary.
  • Do not miss out on the Turtle Island. We did not include it in our itinerary but it turned out to be an amazing experience. It is a must-visit place for all the travelers.
  • Let there be a bit of adventure and enjoy watersports to the core.
  • For all the pure vegans out there, make sure you take some ready-to-eat food as it is a bit difficult to find vegetarian food in Bali.

Loved their experience? Then why wait any longer? Craft your own happy moment and embark on a romantic journey today. Book TravelTriangle’s customizable Bali honeymoon packages, and let Rohit and Kirti’s magical experience bring your vacation to life as you explore the never ending fun and ever blossoming love at this beach paradise!

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8 Spectacular Hot Springs In Las Vegas Where One Can Dip Their Feet And Relax!

Las Vegas is a beautiful city known for its nightlife, gambling, beautiful hotels and resorts, best restaurants and fine dining, shopping and entertainment. Not only these, Vegas is also known for its natural beauties which makes it a major tourist destination for the people of the USA as well as for the people across the globe. People from different parts of the world come to Las Vegas for long vacations filled with entertainment and fun.

Apart from being a place of wondrous attractions, the city also shelters the natural hot springs. Hot springs are preferred by many people as it is considered year’s old method of rejuvenating body and soul. There are several Hot springs in Las Vegas which are a major tourist attraction and the best way to isolate yourself from the noise and chaos of the city and come one step closer to the mother nature. Some of the best Hot Springs in Las Vegas are listed below.

1. 12-Mile Hot Springs

12-Mile Hot Springs

12-Mile Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful and natural hot springs in Nevada. It is located in the north of Nevada and is a popular tourist destination. Also known as the Bishop hot creek springs Nevada. This scenic Hot Spring is located at the foot of the Humboldt range and you can have a beautiful view of the rocky cliffs surrounding the spring. The temperature of the pool is always around 100 degrees which is perfect for taking a dip and refresh your body and soul. If you feel the heat, you can always take a dip into the chilly river.

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2. Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs

Spencer Hot Springs are beautiful cozy and steamy and is one of the best places to spend your time in peace and comfort. It is a basic pool with certain man-made additions to give you utmost comfort. There is a large metal tub where you can take a dip and being very close to the heat source, it gets steamy. Since the Spencer hot springs are not totally natural, you can also adjust the temperature of water to suit your body. While you are in the pool, you enjoy the scenic beauty of Central Nevada Toiyabe Range and exceptional beauty of the open desert’s view.

3. Alkali Hot Springs

Alkali Hot Springs

Located in the 6.4 kilometers north of Goldfield, Nevada, the Alkali Hot Springs is one of the most amazing and isolated hot springs in Nevada. Alkali Hot Springs consists of two concrete soaking tubs that have the temperature of around 37 to 42 degrees. The water is not so transparent as you would expect but still perfect for taking a dip and comforting yourself. One of the best things about Alkali Hot Springs is that you can stay in camps nearby and the camping is absolutely free. This beautiful and isolated place is a must visit.

4. Gold Strike Hot Spring

Gold Strike Hot Spring

This spring is a second set of cascading pools on the Colorado River. It is a place where water comes out from the space available in the mountains. Overall experience of this hot spring is awesome because the trail is very nice which requires scrambling and lowering you over several large boulders using ropes that has been installed at major obstacles. It can be easily handled by any adult person and for more adventure you can also paddle to Gold strike spring from Hoover dam through the Black Canyon section.

5. Hot Spring Arizona

Hot Spring Arizona

This place is located at just a difference of 45 minutes at downtown. It is located in the narrow slot canyon above the Colorado River and vertical canyon walls are as close as two meters apart. It is a three tiered pool at Arizona hot spring and most accessible from the Las Vegas strip. The pools are made up of sand bugs and the temperature of water remains lukewarm in the lowest pool and high up to 44 degree in the original source pool. You can reach at this place by parking at the trailhead parking lot located at the 6.7 South of the hoover dam from there hike for 4.8 kilometre down the wash until you came to Colorado.

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6. Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs

Fish lake valley hot lake valley is sandwiched between the silver peach mountain and the White Mountains. The Boundary Peak is Nevada’s tallest and is directly west of the springs. The overall view of the site is very natural and beautiful as it comprises of large concrete hot pools and two natural warm ponds. You can enjoy free camping, fire pits and grills to make your weekend memorable. Also you will get chance to meet some people who love hot spring same as liked by you. The scene and site is located at such a marvellous location that you would generate a thought once for staying there for the lifetime.

7. Ruby Valley Hot Springs

Ruby Valley Hot Springs

Ruby valley is a primitive natural pristine hot spring gem in the ruby valley refuge. It is located at about one hour from Elko, Nevada. The main soaking pool is deep enough to swim in and 15 meters across. The temperature ranges from 32 to 39 degree Celsius depending upon the season. The land which surrounds this place can be muddy sometimes but there is a couple of wooden platforms at the edge of the cerulean pool where you can strip down or work on your body tan post soak. Ruby valley hot spring is an off-road adventure so please be aware about the road conditions especially if you are planning to visit in the wet season.

8. Trego Hot Spring

Trego Hot Spring

This place is known for the hot spring valley which is a long ditch and soft mud is settled at the bottom. The spring is usually at the north end near the railroad track and water flows towards the south. This hot spring is open to the public and everybody can enjoy the stay. You can set the camp near the spring and spend the day, off-roading on the black road playa. It is basically a hand dug pond at the public land near the black rock desert. You will see the hot water bubbles in the cold pond from several places and it creates the hot pockets. The temperature mixes a little better on windless days so, plan your trip on such days.

So if you’re looking for a spa-like experience in the exotic surrounding of Las Vegas, then these hot springs will be your perfect getaway. Plan your much awaited vacation to Las Vegas with TravelTriangle and enjoy a holiday like never before!

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Bahamas In January: This Is How You Have A Great Holiday In This Incredible Island Nation

January is that time of the year which is known to bring with it, freezing temperature and cold waves. Its a month when people rush into their warm clothes and try to remain indoors near their fireplace. But there are some places that are a good holiday destination even during the month of January. Bahamas in January is a great choice escape a chilling winter, due to its tropical climate. January in fact is one of the best month to be at Bahamas.

The average temperature at Bahamas is around 21 degree Celsius in the month of January. Which means that the climate is favourable for a beach vacation. Though Bahamas is not just about the beaches, as there are numerous interesting things to do and places to visit here.

1. Junkanoo Days

Junkanoo Days

Wondering what this time is, it is when the Bahamians step out of their homes to enjoy the most amazing days of all which includes the Caribbean beats along with people in colourful costumes on the streets that will bring a smile on anyone’s face passing by and make them stop whether a localite or a traveller. This is an annual celebration that takes place on the Nassau streets, it is known for celebrating the spirit of Bahamas. Some parades take place in the morning from December 26th till January 1st. So, if you are looking for something grand to enjoy and become a part of, then this is exactly the right celebration which you should see and become a part of it to get a real insight into what the Bahamas is all about.

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2. Marathon Bahamas

Marathon Bahamas

A chance to run amidst the beautiful scenery that surrounds the place that will freshen up your spirit and boost up your inner strength like never before. Whether you are willing to participate in the 5K, relay, half marathon, or full marathon, this is a place to be. This event takes place in the Nassau Paradise Island, whether you are an experienced runner or not, all you need to do is participate in this awesome event and earn a chance to win the medals that you have been waiting for. It takes place on 13th and 14th of January every year during the winter season.

3. Beaching


The Bahamas is a place that is full of plenty of beaches that provides a pleasant chance to have fun with your family and friends and spend some quality time far from the hustle and bustle of towns. It provides you the much-required time that you have been looking forward to connecting with your inner self again. So, say goodbye to winter blues this season and get ready to unfold the healthy and beautiful way of spending this time. Gift yourself some great memories to rely on and make every moment count.

4. Golfing


If you are planning to pack away all the games with a heavy heart in this cold season, then the happy news is that you don’t need to do this at all. Wondering why? The Bahamas provides with two big awesome Golf Courses where you can play your heart out as much as you want without getting worried about anything else. This is not all; you also have tennis courts in a large number where you can give your best shots amidst the pleasant sunshine. Whether you are a runner or love any other sport, there are a number of opportunities for you to indulge in and keep that sporty side of yours alive in this winter season.

5. Swimming


A number of beaches out there which are full of clear water are the perfect places in which you may go for a dip or do swimming for which you have been unable to take out time till now. It will take away all your stress and will wipe away all your doubts related to swimming in the winter season. So, the next time in winters when you feel like swimming beneath the open skies, Bahamas is the place where you should go right away.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

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1. Grand Bahamas

Grand Bahamas

If you are looking for some packaged tour, this place situated in the northernmost region is the right one for you. Here you can book for the cruise experience, shop till you drop, go to the most exquisite dining places, or simply opt for sight-seeing. This is the place where you will get a chance to purchase souvenirs for your friends and family. This place is known for the world famous longest underwater cave systems. If you are a nature lover and like exploring across the world and exotic places, then this is the place that you shouldn’t miss. You may also visit the three national parks that this place has where you can treat your eyes with some different species of birds which belong here.

2. Nassau


If you are a fan of the cruise and are looking forward to numerous chances for the same, Nassau is your place. It is one of the most famous cruise ship ports that you will see in this area. There are a number of tourists that visit here every year. You can go around and have a look at the amazing museums, ancestral buildings, or can choose to bask on the sands of Cable Beach. You may opt for a catamaran ride and enjoy sailing on the waters. If you are an animal lover, then you may go for a day’s trip to the Blue Lagoon Island and cavort with the dolphins. You may also visit the conservation centre where you will get a chance to see the endangered and the threatened species.

3. Harbour Island

Harbour Island

This place houses the first Bahamian parliament and is famous for the pink sand beaches that it offers everyone. The chic islands or the Briland here is famous for being a place of refuge for the rich and famous ones. This place will make you feel as if you have travelled back in time because of the line of cottages that you get to see here which are pastel coloured. Here, you get involved in activities such as fishing, diving, basking on the beautiful beaches, and snorkelling.

4. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

On the eastern side of Bahamas lies the Exuma Cays Land and the Sea Park. This is an area where the marine life is protected and is one of a kind. This place is also famous for providing some of the most special and breath-taking scenes in the Bahamas. The water is crystal clear with white sands all around on which you may walk and make yourself stress-free. It is a commonplace amongst the divers who often visit it on purpose to enjoy the clear blue waters and see the marine life. This place doesn’t allow fishing in its area either shelling.

5. Andros Island

Andros Island

Andros is the largest land on the Bahamas and is known for having the third largest barrier reef in the whole world. It is also home to some underwater caves and freshwater blue holes. It is yet another most popular place for divers and provides the most panoramic underwater views that one can imagine. This island provides chances for fishing and boating in its channels that are created by the wetlands present here. Fishing is one thing but flies fishing is something really that a fishing enthusiast would love to which is very much possible here. This place also has five national parks that have a number of birds residing there in different areas such as in forest, mangrove swamps, mud flats, etc.

6. Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay beach is one of the most voted top beautiful beaches in the world. This is basically a spectacular expansion of soft sands and aquatic water that attracts some visitors each year. You will find this beach in the upscale community of resorts belonging to the Treasure Cay, which is famous for holding the fishing tournaments in the Bahamas. So, if you are not only fond of fishing but are also ready to fight in a tournament, then this is the place which you should definitely visit.

7. Long Island

Long Island

Long Island is said to be one of the very beautiful islands that you will get to see here in the Bahamas. Situated in the southern half part of the archipelago, they are 130 km. Long and around 7 km. Wide. This island is a mixture of beaches on one side and rocky cliffs on the other side. This place is great for fishing, boating, diving, and some white sand beaches where you can spend time with your family.

If you thought that winters are only for indoor staying, then you should definitely plan a trip to Bahamas, and you will know what you need to do in your winter vacations from the very next time with your family and friends.

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